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Jill Stark   jillmarie6@hotmail.com
04-17-2017 12:27:27 PM CST
Membership ID: 4DA9A9A7 Hope Stark

Jon Olson   Jdolson@farmerstel.net
04-17-2017 12:21:55 PM CST

Jon Olson   jdolson@lqpv.net
04-17-2017 12:20:22 PM CST
Cassidie Olson 8th Grade Orange # 4DC48DA7

Kristi John   kristi.john@hotmail.com
04-17-2017 12:04:16 PM CST
Abby John, 5th grade AAU#: 4AWFCAA7

Dave Dirksen   davedirk9@gmail.com
04-17-2017 11:29:42 AM CST
Hailey Dirksen, 6th grade blue, AAU # 4DBW5TA7

Melissa Gray   melanngray@yahoo.com
04-17-2017 11:18:23 AM CST
Kenadee Gray, 5th grade AAU#: 4AFTB3A7

Amy Louwagie   amylouwagie@gmail.com
04-17-2017 11:00:22 AM CST
Savanna Louwagie 8th grade blue Membership No: 4DC678A7

Scott Rosendahl
04-17-2017 9:13:43 AM CST
Allie Rosendahl 6th Grade Orange AAU# 4DBW9YA7

David Nelson   djnelson@prtel.com
04-17-2017 9:08:41 AM CST
Hailey Nelson 7th grade orange AAU#4DBW6TA7 and Tara Nelson 3/4th grade AAU# 4DBW6WA7

Tracie Rinke   tracierinke@icloud.com
04-17-2017 8:40:21 AM CST
Lesley Rinke ~ 7th grade blue AAU# 4DC338A8

Holly Kovarik
04-15-2017 9:02:09 AM CST
Emma Kovarik 7th orange AAU# 4D6W98A7

Holly Kovarik
04-15-2017 8:58:57 AM CST
Emma Kovarik 7th orange will not be at practice today.

Jengjerde   Gjerde
04-15-2017 8:30:19 AM CST
Not sure what happened to the number I typed in but here it is. Maret Gjerde # 4DBF8BA8

Jennifer Gjerde    Jengjerde@tds.net
04-15-2017 8:26:40 AM CST
Maret Gjerde

Jennifer Gjerde
04-15-2017 8:08:49 AM CST
Maret Gjerde is sick and won't make practice today. 9th grade girls

Bonna McFarland
04-15-2017 7:31:27 AM CST
Jayden McFarland is sick and will not be at this mornings practice

Peggy Knutson    brensuelabs@gmail.com
04-14-2017 9:54:54 PM CST
Susan's AAU # is 4DBETBA7.

Holly & Jenny Bratsch   bratschgrain@hotmail.com
04-14-2017 4:33:20 PM CST
Holly AAU# is 4DBC97A7 Jennifer AAU# is 4DBC98A7

Haley Grosz
04-14-2017 12:39:47 PM CST
Macy's (3/4th Grade Girls) AAU # is 4DBAA6A7

Emily Gapinski   ggup@icloud.com
04-14-2017 9:58:09 AM CST
Emily Gapinski 11th grade AAU #4DB9WWA7

Nicole Hansen   rntarhansen@gmail.com
04-14-2017 9:09:00 AM CST
Ainsley Hansen - 7th Blue - AAU #4DA8ETA7

Missy   missymr@farmandhomeoil.com
04-13-2017 2:46:18 PM CST
Elizabeth Rustan - 7th Grade Blue AAU# 4DBYF6A7

Pete Kremer   petertkremer@gmail.com
04-12-2017 8:07:30 PM CST
Myah Kremer's AAU # is 4DAD53A7 8th grade girls Blue

Michelle   mtonsfeldt@hotmail.com
04-12-2017 7:16:56 PM CST
Adam will Not be at practice on Saturday as we are out of town.

Andrea Westra   andreaspray_24@hotmail.com
04-12-2017 9:05:56 AM CST
Gauge Liebl 8th grade Orange, won't be at practice on Saturday. HE is having Easter with his other side of the family that day. Thanks Drea

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