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Beverly Bailey   beverlybailey8@hotmail.com
05-01-2018 2:08:05 PM CST
Both the shooting and basketball camps are coming up as the dribbling.

Hope Baker   hope.baker3@gmail.com
05-01-2018 11:02:08 AM CST
What sizes did you order in the orange shirts?

Darin Bratsch   dbratsch@rcw.k12.mn.us
04-30-2018 8:08:48 AM CST
Is there a location for 8th grade GBB blue team on May 12/13 yet?

Kristine Bugbee
04-26-2018 9:54:15 PM CST
7th gr girls & 8th gr girls orange: Moraes & Josey will be confirmed this Sunday & will not be able to make it to practice.

Hannah Frederick   kybexyhf5@gmail.com
04-24-2018 7:29:20 PM CST
9th grade Blue Girls I have some rooms blocked for my other daughters team and some are still available. Feel free to book. Cut off date to book for May 4th wknd is 4/25.Holiday Inn Express & Suites Eden Prairie/Minnetonka - West Central Wild Cats May 4th-6thCut off for May 18th wknd is 5/4Holiday Inn Express & Suites Eden Prairie/Minnetonka - West Central Wild Cats May 18th-20th10985 Red Circle DriveMinnetonka, MN 55343p: 952-912-9999

Darin Bratsch   dbratsch@rcw.k12.mn.us
04-24-2018 3:13:47 PM CST
Jenny has varsity softball today and will not make it to practice tonight.

Kristine Bugbee
04-24-2018 8:41:00 AM CST
8th gr girls Orange. Josey is still not feeling well & does have a track meet today if she can even make the whole day in school. She will not make practice tonight. :(

Raqui Kallstrom
04-23-2018 7:19:18 AM CST
Are the shooting shirts in Morris or Hancock? I have heard both places

Marcia Aasness
04-21-2018 9:18:42 AM CST
Krosby Aasness 9th grade blue AAU # 57C4FWA8

Hope Baker   hope.baker3@gmail.com
04-20-2018 5:11:31 PM CST
If anyone from 6th grade orange could grab Ezrahs clothing that’d be awesome, if anyone runs to get stuff! Thanks

Heather Thompson   hlt.kingdomhope@gmail.com
04-20-2018 4:40:30 PM CST
Matthew Thompson 8th grade boys 57CW84A8

Ron Jergenson   rob.jergenson@superior-ind.com
04-20-2018 9:27:38 AM CST
Did anyone practicing in Barrett on Tuesday find a baseball cross necklass? Brandon lost his at the gym up there

Hannah Frederick
04-20-2018 9:19:35 AM CST
Kylie's AAU # 57BCE5A8

Robin Kellen   robin.kellen@gmail.com
04-20-2018 8:15:32 AM CST
Emily Kellen AAU # 57A38EA8

Mark Berlinger
04-20-2018 7:40:07 AM CST
Tyler Berlinger AAU# 57BC58A8

Christine Stafford   Chrisstafford901@gmail.com
04-19-2018 11:23:06 PM CST
Mackenzi’s AAU # is 57BB6EA8

Sarah Dawson   sarahdawsonscupcakecreations@gmail.com
04-19-2018 5:58:48 PM CST
Grants AAU Membership Number 578WBEA8

Hannah Andrews
04-19-2018 5:56:42 PM CST
Hannah Andrews AAU# 57B9WFA8

Kristine Bugbee
04-19-2018 5:34:55 PM CST
Josey Bugbee AAU# 574A47A8 Moraes Bugbee AAU# 574A8A8

Kristine Bugbee   kris_marie79@hotmail.com
04-19-2018 3:12:17 PM CST
8th gr Girls Orange: Josey will not be able to make it to practice tonight. A last minute track scrimmage was scheduled for today.

megan lauthen
04-19-2018 2:24:58 PM CST
aau # 57BTT8A8

brian lauthen
04-19-2018 2:13:04 PM CST
AAU # 57B76DA8

Danielle Grey
04-19-2018 1:09:12 PM CST
Nikki won’t be at practice this evening, schools spring concert this evening. 4th grade girls orange team.

Cole Hedman
04-19-2018 11:24:47 AM CST
9th Grade Blue, AAU #57B55TA10

Isabel Rose
04-19-2018 6:53:54 AM CST
Isabel Rose AAU# 57B3AAA8

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