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Kasey Sayre   kasayre@fastenal.com
04-20-2016 12:31:50 PM CST
Ella Sayre 4th Grade Girls AAU#44WD9EA6

Michelle   mtonsfeldt@hormail.com
04-20-2016 12:14:15 PM CST
Adam Tonsfeldt won't be at practice on Thursday (7 grace Rohloff) as he will be at a golf meet. He will be at the tournament this weekend.

Christine Meulebroeck
04-20-2016 11:13:10 AM CST
Maddy Meulebroeck (6TH grade Blue) AAU# 4433E5A6

Andrea Liebl   andreaspray_24@hotmail.com
04-20-2016 10:53:11 AM CST
Gauge Liebl, 7th grade boys (Dylan) won't be at practice tonight because of confirmation. Thank you

Chris Andrews
04-20-2016 10:05:45 AM CST
Hannah Andrews (8th blue) AAU# 443E6YA6 Torie Andrews (6th blue) AAU# 443E63A6

Jenny Rocholl   jlrocholl@gmail.com
04-20-2016 9:38:27 AM CST
Kayla Rocholl (8th grade girls) will not be at practice tonight she has confirmation class and tomorrow night she has a track meet. Sorry, see you Saturday!!

Peg Knutson
04-20-2016 9:11:31 AM CST
Montevideo Middle School address: 2001 William Ave.

Tanya Braaten
04-20-2016 7:53:51 AM CST
Madis AAU # is 44Y946A6

Ray Bowman   bowmanr@morris.umn.edu
04-20-2016 7:10:34 AM CST
Emma Bowman (7th Klassen) AAU #44YF4BA6. Also she will be unable to make practice due to confirmation class.

Danna Golden    d_g780@yahoo.com
04-19-2016 9:39:47 PM CST
Collin Cunningham, James Golden will be able to play on Saturday the 23rd but not Sunday the 24th.

04-19-2016 8:38:18 PM CST
Addy Randt 6th 44Y943A6 Annika Randt 7th 44Y944A6

Morgan Lesteberg
04-19-2016 8:36:22 PM CST
Morgan Lesteberg-44W6ABA6

Cheri Panitzke
04-19-2016 8:20:15 PM CST
Makena (7th grade blue) 44WBYYA6

Chris Van Kempen
04-19-2016 8:20:05 PM CST
Ella VK's AAU #443YF8A6

Holly Carrington
04-19-2016 7:23:44 PM CST
Meredith's AAU #443BT3A6 (6th grade Orange: Tiana)

Stephanie   stephrae25@hotmail.com
04-19-2016 6:49:39 PM CST
Grace 44Y7CAA6. Chloe 44Y7C9A6 3/4 grade giels

Emily Gapinski   ggup@icloud.com
04-19-2016 6:34:45 PM CST
Emily AAU #443A8WA6

Darin Grosz   dggrosz@yahoo.com
04-19-2016 4:30:18 PM CST
Halle(6th girls orange Tiana) 44YC3WA6. Macy (3/4 girls Foley) 44YC3YA6.

Sandy Vold
04-19-2016 3:24:07 PM CST
Callie's AAU # (10th Grade Girls) 44WYF6A6. Also she will not be at practice Wednesday night in Monte or at the tournament this weekend as CGB has prom.

Eric Lund
04-19-2016 1:50:24 PM CST
Kelsea (17 Elite Blue) - 4437F6A6 Macie (7th Orange) - 4437F7A6

Alex Sather
04-19-2016 1:45:00 PM CST
Alex Sather aau #44y9y3a8

Missy Myron-Rustan   missymr@farmandhomeoil.com
04-19-2016 1:40:50 PM CST
Elizabeth Rustan (6th Grade Blue): 44W3B7A6

Liz Shelstad   eshelstad@frontier.com
04-19-2016 1:30:30 PM CST
If you would like me to pick up your clothing order and bring to practice in monte Wednesday night please send me a text 320-979-0222 or email With the name that's on your order and I'll gladly grab it. Any other Lqpv families I can also pick up and make arrangements to meet you.

Peg Knutson   brensuelabs@gmail.com
04-19-2016 1:04:16 PM CST
Susan Knutson (Klassen 7th) AAU #4437BBA6

Collin Cunningham
04-19-2016 1:03:46 PM CST
I picked up Coles basketball and will give it to him at our tournament.

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