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Amy Lamb
04-21-2016 12:50:03 PM CST
Larissa will be at practice in Benson tonight, any opportunity someone coming that way could grab her orange shooting tshirt from the clothing order and bring it with?? That would be awesome! Thanks! Amy

Pete Kremer   petertkremer@gmail.com
04-21-2016 12:22:49 PM CST
Is there someone who could bring the clothing order for Myah Kremer (8th grade blue) to the tournament on Saturday?

Brian Koehler
04-21-2016 11:52:39 AM CST
Dalton has golf in Montevideo and will either be late for practice or not being to be there depending on when the meet is done.

Nate Holleman   nate.holleman@superior-ind.com
04-21-2016 11:46:00 AM CST
Holleman Fitness Ctr LLC 581 6th St, Hancock, MN 56244

Lilly Thul   mikethul@hotmail.com
04-21-2016 10:04:48 AM CST
Lilly Thul AAU Membersip ID 444786A6 Lilly Also has a track meet but may be home in time to make practice, not sure yet.

Andrea Liebl   andreaspray_24@hotmail.com
04-21-2016 9:12:53 AM CST
Where is the Fitness Center, that Nate will be at, located?

04-21-2016 9:03:38 AM CST
Myah Kremer will not make practice in Benson tonight, she has a track meet.

Bailey Schoen
04-21-2016 8:58:26 AM CST
AAU # 3A65EAA6 She will not be able to make practice tonight in Benson as she has a track meet. Thanks

Pam Randt
04-21-2016 7:23:27 AM CST
Krista Randt's AAU #4446A4A6

Allan Ross
04-21-2016 5:53:02 AM CST
Alisha Ross 44WB86A6 Emily Ross 44WB87A6 Taylor Ross 44WB88A6

Musarrat Virji   musarrat.virji@gmail.com
04-20-2016 11:34:09 PM CST
Imran (7th grade Rohloff) will be a little late at Thursday's practice as he will be at a tennis match.

Paul Ratz
04-20-2016 11:04:04 PM CST
Tori Ratz ( 7th grade- Blue) AAU # 4445BDA6

Amy Stitt
04-20-2016 10:13:09 PM CST
Alex 7th klassen AAU# 3W4BBAA6

Kelli Kienitz   Kelli.kienitz@ridgewater.edu
04-20-2016 9:15:54 PM CST
Brady Kienitz (7th grade Rohloff) will not be at practice on Thursday. He has a baseball game.

Corissa Jones
04-20-2016 8:55:40 PM CST
Here is Mackenzie Jones 7th grade Klassen AAU# 44Y9Y4A6

Amy KLindworth
04-20-2016 6:31:19 PM CST
Ava Klindworth (6th grade- orange) AAUID# 4443YEA6

Becky Morrow
04-20-2016 2:22:25 PM CST
Jenna Kannegiesser (7th Blue) 444T6FA6

Barb Petron   barb@electricalsolutionsinc.com
04-20-2016 2:14:24 PM CST
Jordan-7th Grade(Dylan) can not make practice tonight. It is his last night of religion until fall. Thanks

Judy Intagliata
04-20-2016 1:29:15 PM CST
What time is the boys 8th grade practice on Thursday with Petermeier?

Kasey Sayre   kasayre@fastenal.com
04-20-2016 12:31:50 PM CST
Ella Sayre 4th Grade Girls AAU#44WD9EA6

Michelle   mtonsfeldt@hormail.com
04-20-2016 12:14:15 PM CST
Adam Tonsfeldt won't be at practice on Thursday (7 grace Rohloff) as he will be at a golf meet. He will be at the tournament this weekend.

Christine Meulebroeck
04-20-2016 11:13:10 AM CST
Maddy Meulebroeck (6TH grade Blue) AAU# 4433E5A6

Andrea Liebl   andreaspray_24@hotmail.com
04-20-2016 10:53:11 AM CST
Gauge Liebl, 7th grade boys (Dylan) won't be at practice tonight because of confirmation. Thank you

Chris Andrews
04-20-2016 10:05:45 AM CST
Hannah Andrews (8th blue) AAU# 443E6YA6 Torie Andrews (6th blue) AAU# 443E63A6

Jenny Rocholl   jlrocholl@gmail.com
04-20-2016 9:38:27 AM CST
Kayla Rocholl (8th grade girls) will not be at practice tonight she has confirmation class and tomorrow night she has a track meet. Sorry, see you Saturday!!

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