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Michael Morrell   Michaeljaymorrell@yahoo.com
03-30-2016 4:03:58 AM CST
Exuse me. I meant consideration... Darn auto-type.

Michael Morrell   Michaeljaymorrell@yahoo.com
03-30-2016 4:00:01 AM CST
Coach Cunningham, If there's any chance you could schedule practice on on any day other than this Sunday the week of April 3rd and then again the Sunday the week of April 17 it would be greatly appreciated. Zach has two final basketball tournaments to participate in with his team back home and we feel committed to finish these b4 anything else. Thanks for your contestation. Mike Morrell.

Michelle Rinke
03-29-2016 6:57:49 PM CST
Anna Rinke has confirmation class on Wednesday nights.

Corissa Jones
03-29-2016 1:16:09 PM CST
Where in Milan is practice? Thank you

Cathy Schuelke   cathyschuelke27@gmail.com
03-29-2016 10:59:53 AM CST
Alex Schuelke will not be at the 8th grade practice tonight w/coach Petermeier. He has his first tennis practice at 5:30 w/parents meeting to follow. He will work on the Wildcat shooting workout at least twice this week. Thanks!

Barb Petron   barb@electricalsolutionsinc.com
03-29-2016 8:49:59 AM CST
Hi Jodi, please contact me regarding Jordan (7th Grade) He has baseball during the week until 5:30, which makes it impossible to make a 6:00pm practice. Cell 320-237-3871. Thanks

Callie Vold
03-28-2016 9:12:47 PM CST
Bree,I will be on family vacation Wednesday through Monday so will miss both practices. Sorry it's my cousin`s wedding in Nashville!

Deanna Stelter   deannastelter@gmail.com
03-28-2016 1:23:35 PM CST
Jodi, Elite coach. Please try to keep in mind that a couple of the girls on the Elite Team are traveling almost 2 hours to get to Morris for practice.

Rychel Larson
03-27-2016 10:15:15 PM CST
Disregard previous Wildcats Clothing/Gear page being down…RESOLVED - able to order now via the link in your text.

Rychel Larson   shannonandrychel@hotmail.com
03-27-2016 10:09:53 PM CST
FYI - - the Wildcats Clothing/Gear page seems to be down/unavailable. Trying to order a couple of warm up shirts and can't.

karie Hickman
03-26-2016 4:34:32 PM CST
Stacie Olson my email has changed to khickman@chokioalberta.k12.mn.us Thanks!

Stacie Olson
03-26-2016 1:28:19 PM CST
17 Elite Parents (both teams).... If I don't have your email contact, please as soon as possible, send me an email at: stacie.olson@wcenters.org I am making arrangements for hotels and will have other team info soon. If your daughter played with Abby last year, and your info hasn't changed, I still have it. Go Cats!!

Miah   Jeremiah.ulrich@hotmail.com
03-26-2016 11:48:32 AM CST
The Ulrich girls will not be at practice Saturday afternoon. 8th Tina K and 6th Tiana C

Michael Morrell   Michaeljaymorrell@yahoo.com
03-25-2016 10:32:28 PM CST
Coach Cunningham, please excuse Zachary Morrell from practice tomorrow as he is out of town with family. We will have him do the Wildcat workout as detailed on line. Thanks, Zach's dad, Mike Morrell.

Stephanie   stephrae25@hotmail.com
03-25-2016 9:36:58 PM CST
Is it possible to get youth sweatpants with the Wildcat logo?

Dan Gronholz    Gronholz.construction@yahoo.com
03-25-2016 5:19:14 PM CST
Kadyn Gronholz 4th grade and Kendall Gronholz 5th grade won't be at practice Saturday. On vacation.

Kriss Gerhardt
03-25-2016 4:07:12 PM CST
Jodi, can please give me a call? My number is 320-304-3802

Kim Hahn   chahn@mvtvwireless.com
03-25-2016 12:02:51 PM CST
How do you add the last name on the back of the orange shooting shirt? Doesn't appear to be a spot on the order form.

Holly Kovarik   Kovarik226@charter.net
03-25-2016 10:18:57 AM CST
Emma Kovarik will not be at practice Saturday. We are on vacation till Monday next week.

03-25-2016 7:50:50 AM CST
We are having our family Easter celebration on Saturday so Peter will not be at practice. I was also wondering how to apply for a scholarship for him.

03-24-2016 10:03:18 PM CST
Annika and Addy Randt will miss practice on Saturday. Gone on family vacation. Coach schmidgal n kalle

Rick Metzger   rick.metzger@gmail.com
03-24-2016 8:53:31 PM CST
Zach H will not be at practice Saturday.

Kristi fehr
03-24-2016 7:24:33 PM CST
Cade and Kyle Fehr will be gone for practice on sat. We will be gone on a family vacation.

03-24-2016 7:22:14 PM CST
Durgin will not be at practice Saturday. He is on a family vacation. Won't be home until late Monday night. Shane

Chasity   commodt@hotmail.com
03-24-2016 2:48:59 PM CST
I just wanted to let Bob Foley, 3/4th grade girls coach that Gabby Ommodt will not be there this wknd. We are leaving for spring break and will not return until Sat. April 2nd. Depending on what time practice is next wknd, we will do our very best to be there!

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