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Stacie Olson   stacie.olson@wcenters.org
04-18-2016 8:28:26 AM CST
Parents of firlsnon Phil's 17's team.... If you have NOT sent me an email, please do so ASAP. Thanks!!

Myah Kremer
04-18-2016 5:32:28 AM CST

04-17-2016 10:05:48 PM CST
Brooke Beuning AAU# 44YC9BA6

Elizabeth Murken
04-17-2016 9:44:33 PM CST

Wendy Sandven   sandvenw@gmail.com
04-17-2016 8:57:49 PM CST
Cole forgot his ball tonight, Sunday. It is marked with his name. Did anyone pick it up?

Wendy Sandven   sandvenw@gmail.com
04-17-2016 8:57:42 PM CST
Cole forgot his ball tonight, Sunday. It is marked with his name. Did anyone pick it up?

Sue Swenson
04-17-2016 8:05:44 PM CST
Brianna(Grade 7) AAU Membership is #435E87A6.

Malory Anderson
04-17-2016 7:46:16 PM CST
My AAU Membership # is 44YBF5A6.

04-17-2016 6:49:56 PM CST
Correction of Victoria # 44YATFA6. Sorry about that.

04-17-2016 6:48:18 PM CST
Kimmy Pagel 7th grade aau# 44YATEA6. She will not be there Saturday, but can be Sunday. Victoria Pagel 11th grade aau# 44YATEA6. She will not be at tournament next weekend due to Prom. Thank you.

Daren Swenson
04-17-2016 4:36:54 PM CST
Alex Swenson 10 grade will not be at practice tonight due to his basketball banquet.

Danna Golden   d_g780@yahoo.com
04-17-2016 2:13:43 PM CST
James Golden 8th grade will not be at practice tonight prior commitment also will not be able to play in tournament this coming weekend as he is getting confirmed.

Mary Kostad   jmkostad@gmail.com
04-17-2016 1:04:55 PM CST
Garret is sick and will not be at practice today.

04-17-2016 12:26:22 PM CST
Karli Erickson's AAU number is 44Y9EYA6

Kyle Petermeier
04-17-2016 12:05:08 PM CST
Max will not be at practice today for 8th grade boys. He had an opportunity to play in a pacesetter tourney this weekend and he won't be back in time to make practice. Thank you!

Kristi Fehr
04-17-2016 11:30:38 AM CST
Cade has a church activity today so he will be late for practice.

04-17-2016 10:25:53 AM CST
Larissa Lamb's AAU membership number is 44Y549A6

Mike Berreau   mkberreau@live.com
04-16-2016 6:25:36 PM CST
Kaitlyn Berreau AAU Membership Number 44Y8WTA6

Lisa   brianlisamerritt@yahoo.com
04-16-2016 10:14:04 AM CST
5th grade boys parents...rooms are blocked at Country Inn & Suites Shoreview (about 4 miles from tourney). Phone number is 651-784-6000. Under West Central Wildcats.

Rebekah    schmidt74@frontiernet.net
04-16-2016 9:45:31 AM CST
Emma Schmidt will not be at practice Sunday night - she has a basketball banquet. Thanks!

Chad Bartunek   bjc20fan72@yahoo.com
04-16-2016 8:15:44 AM CST
Avery Bartunek's AAU membership number AR0AD374A1D6. Sydney Bartunek will not be able to attend the Fury Tournament as she has prom that weekend.

Kim Hahn   chahn@mvtvwireless.com
04-15-2016 9:55:34 PM CST
6th Grade Boys playing at Park Center HS: I just reserved a room at the Best Western Plus Minneapolis NW in Brooklyn Center for April 23. It's nothing fancy but has a breakfast. The rate I got was $112. I couldn't get a block of rooms. Call soon or book online to get a room. If anyone finds something better, let me know so the boys can all stay together.

John fraser
04-15-2016 2:30:21 PM CST
Samuel fraser(8th grade) will not be at practice on sunday due to a prior commitment

Chris Andrews
04-15-2016 8:07:18 AM CST
Torie Andrews 6th grade girls (Kallie/Anthony) will not be able to attend practice on Sunday. She has a dance recital that afternoon. She will do the Wildcat Workout and hopefully there will be a practice during the week she can go to.

Robi Bowman
04-14-2016 4:53:47 PM CST
Emma Bowman will not be at practice tonight has softball and volleyball. Will be there Sunday.

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