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Matt Kleinhuizen
04-22-2019 10:08:42 AM CST
Payton Kleinhuizen 10/11 Boys AAU# 6W9E4YA9

04-22-2019 9:45:52 AM CST
Jace Meierding 5th Grade AAU#5779DYA10 Rylan Meierding 7th Grade AAU#5779D3A10

Hailey Dirksen
04-22-2019 9:44:34 AM CST
Hailey Dirksen 8th grade girls; AAU #6W7BD5A9

Jackie Nelson
04-22-2019 9:27:23 AM CST
Hailey Nelson 9th grade AAU #6W838WA9 Tara Nelson 6th grade AAU#6W838YA9

Heather Thompson   hlt.kingdomhope@gmail.com
04-22-2019 9:23:53 AM CST
9TH GRADE BOYS BLUE...I was able to reserve the last 7 rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Oakdale for this weekend. (Friday-Sunday April 26-28th). Rooms are filling fast! Text me if interested ASAP! 320-424-0219.

Janet Pagel
04-22-2019 9:19:30 AM CST
Joey Pagel (7th grade) AAU #6W9E4FA9

Will Stark   wstark@fageninc.com
04-22-2019 9:12:42 AM CST
Hannah Stark (8th Girls) AAU: 6W9E3TA9 Hope Stark (5th Blue Girls) AAU: 6W9E3WA9 Isabelle Stark(4th Girls) AAU: 6W9E3YA9

AMANDA SYKORA   sykoraamanda@yahoo.com
04-22-2019 9:11:52 AM CST
Carma Sykora AAU #6W8CTBA9

Peggy Knutson   brensuelabs@gmail.com
04-19-2019 2:43:08 PM CST

Wildcats baseball Tee for sale $12. Can send with Susan to practice tomorrow.

Peggy Knutson   brensuelabs@gmail.com
04-19-2019 10:36:41 AM CST
Susan Knutson AAU #6W93TYA9

Katie Mortenson
04-19-2019 9:50:45 AM CST
Shelby Mortenson AAU# 6W9Y9DA9

Janet Pagel
04-18-2019 1:59:36 PM CST
Kimmy (10/11 Orange) AAU# 6W8E8CA9

Stephanie Hockett
04-18-2019 10:35:51 AM CST
Ella Hockett’s AAU membership is 6W8WEYA9

Dustin Wright   dwright@blh.k12.mn.us
04-18-2019 10:07:44 AM CST
Stacia, can you send me an email? dwright@blh.k12.mn.us Thank you!

Stacia Johanson
04-17-2019 5:46:10 PM CST
Alexis will not make practice tonight, stuck in traffic in the cities.

Kristine Bugbee
04-14-2019 10:01:34 PM CST
Moraes Bugbee (8th gr) & Josey Bugbee (9th gr) will be gone this week as they are heading to Puerto Rico with their school Spanish Club. They will be returning Sun. Happy Easter all!

Dawn Hegland   dawnhegland@gmail.com
04-12-2019 6:04:23 PM CST
Eli Hegland will not be able to make the May 25 MYAS tourney.

Ashley Altstadt
04-11-2019 10:35:16 PM CST
My message was in regards to the 11th grade boys group. Thanks!

Ashley Altstadt    Ashleyaltstadt@hotmail.com
04-11-2019 10:33:23 PM CST
I also need the address and details about this weekend. My family has never participated in AAU before we so really don’t understand what to expect. What time does everything start? What is the address? What is the schedule? Trying to manage two different kids in two different tournaments in two different towns and need details to do that. Thank you.

Tonya Tiernan   tltiernan@gmail.com
04-11-2019 5:38:24 PM CST
What is the address in St. Cloud for the comet tournament this weekend, April 13 and 14th? What time should we arrive? I have not found any info on this website about the upcoming tournament and it is only in 36 hours from now. Also can we have our coaches phone number in case we need it?

Peggy Daniels
04-09-2019 8:11:26 AM CST
I just canceled at Holiday Inn and Suites (320)253-9000.

Emmaly Krueger
04-08-2019 10:34:39 AM CST
Which hotel should the 10th/11th grade boys team stay at this weekend

Beverly Bailey   beverlybailey8@hotmail.com
04-04-2019 5:54:28 PM CST
Marley Rush CAN make practice Sunday now. Tournament is actually Sat. Players were misinformed. Thank you.

Chad Wente
04-04-2019 5:03:47 PM CST
Sorry got a little carried away there

Chad Wente
04-04-2019 5:00:52 PM CST
Hey 9th grade orange we play in Delano on the 13th and 14th there is a block of rooms at the Grandstay in Delano 763 972 4303

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