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Daily Announcements:

Good Afternoon (June 20th, 2018)

KMS Camp Results:

Shooting Champions (Boys):

1st Place - Regan Carlson

2nd Place - Jacob Anderson

3rd Place - Ethan Hauge

4th Place - Noah Thorson

5th Place - Gavin Thorson

Shooting Champions (Girls):

1st Place - Grace Collins

2nd Place - Meret Gjerde

3rd Place - Josie Gjerde

4th Place - Kourtni Strandberg

5th Place - Hannah Helms

Dribbling Champions (boys and girls merged)

1st Place - Regan Carlson

2nd Place - Ethan Hauge

3rd Place - Hannah Helms

4th Place - Jacob Gareis

5th Place - Gage Thorson and Jared Cortez (tie)

Hustle Awards:  Leah Wagner & Jared Cortez

Dribble Awards:  Elsa Gjerde & Talen Riley

Sportsmanship/Leadership Awards - Ethan Hauge & Meret Gjerde

Most Improved Camper:  Adam Froehlicg

Wildcat Camp is on the road this week!  Monday we were at CMCS for a girls shooting camp where Coco Duininck placed first and her sister Reegan Duininck placed 2nd.  Tuesday we conducted a dribbling camp at CMCS in the morning where Coco once again placed first and Reegan second.  In the afternoon we traveled to KMS for a shooting camp for BOTH boys and girls.  Tuesday was dribbling camp at KMS. 

Next week at the Wildcat Camp at UMM, SESSION 2 is EXTREMELY FULL!  I started sending registration forms back!  Would appreciate it if some of the 4th graders would go to Session 3 where they will get more coaching instructions with less athletes. If you are interested in getting moved to that session, shoot me a text (320-815-0616).  Be sure to bring a basketball, water bottle, and reversible.  It should be a FUN Camp!!!

Any 10th/11th grade boy or girl that wants to help out with the big Wildcat camp the last week in June can come to session 1 for FREE and then stay to help with the other sessions. Also a reminder that any Wildcat boy or girl that is currently a 7th Grader qualifies to go to Session I and Session 2 for $65 the last week in June!!  This is ONLY for Wildcats!! Session 1 is a lot of LEAGUE play while session 2 is fundamentals/decathlon.  7th grade is such an important age to hit the fundamental camps hard!!




Wildcat Basketball Camps

June 11th - June 14th (Wildcat shooting camp at UMM)

June 25 - June 28th (WILDCAT Camp at UMM)

July 16/17/18 - (Wildcat Dribbling camp at UMM)











































































































Wildcat Director:  Jodi Holleman (hollemjk@morris.umn.edu) 320-815-0616
























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