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Daily Announcements:

Practices tonight (Wednesday, April 25th).  I will try to get some of the gear/clothing to these sites tonight.

Morris Area (Tiger Center)

6:30PM - 7th Boys, 8th Boys, 9th Girls Blue, and 10/11th Girls Orange

WCA (Barrett)

7:30PM - Both 11th Grade Boys


6:00PM - 4th Grade Girls Blue

Congrats to the following teams:

1st Place - 7th Grade Boys

2nd Place - 5th Grade Boys

3rd Place - 8th Grade Girls (Orange), 11th Elite Girls, 11th Grade Boys (Orange) and 11th Grade Elite Boys

Wildcat Boys finished 13-18 on the weekend while the girls finished 22-30 in this VERY tough Mn Fury Tournament!!!



It is kind of ironic that after such a TOUGH tournament, I would get 10-12 emails from parents wondering about the Wildcat Basketball Camp dates this summer :) 

June 11th - June 14th (wildcat shooting camp at UMM)

June 25 - June 28th (WILDCAT Camp at UMM)

July 16/17/18 - (Wildcat Dribbling camp at UMM)

The forms will hit the website May 1st!


Thursday - 4th Grade Girls Orange at Starbuck (6:30PM)

Friday - 9th Grade Girls Orange at Starbuck (6:15PM)


Practices on Sunday (4/29/18) at Morris Area School:

Morris Elementary Gym (Tiger Center)

1:00-3:00PM (Both 6th Grade Girls, 7th Grade Girls, and Both 8th Grade Girls)

3:00-5:00PM (6th Grade Boys, 7th Grade Boys, 8/9th Grade Boys, and 9th Grade Boys)

5:00 – 7:00PM (9th Grade Girls Blue, 10/11th Girls Orange, 10/11th Girls Blue, 10th Grade Boys)


High School gym

1:00-3:00PM  (4th Grade Boys and 5th Grade Boys)


Practice Gym

1:00 – 3:00PM (Both 4th Grade Girls and Both 5th Grade Girls)


























West Central Wildcat Results (April 21/22)      
4th Grade 1-2 Record MYAS   Gunner Liebl, Dawson-Boyd
5th Grade 2nd Place  Fury (3-1)   Drew Huebner, Morris
6th Grade 4th Place Fury (1-3)   Hudson VerSteeg, Hancock
7th Grade 1st Place Fury (3-1)   Grant Dawson, Wheaton
8th Grade       did not compete
8th/9th Grade 5th Place Fury (0-4)   Tristan Pekula, Royalton  
9th Grade Blue 4th Place Fury (1-3)   Brady Kienitz, Maccray
10th Grade Boys 7th Place Fury (1-3)   Dawson Miller, ACGC
11th Grade Orange 3rd Place Fury (3-1)   Connor Reese, Hancock
11th Grade Blue 3rd Place Mn Select   Carter Cresap, Perham
4th Grade Blue 6th Place Fury (2-2)   Hope Stark, YME
4th Grade Orange 8th Place Fury (0-4)   Lily Mahoney, WCA  
5th Grade Blue 5th Place Fury (3-1)   Macy Grosz (WCA) and Teagan Epema, (Monte)
5th Grade Orange 5th Place Fury (3-1)   Julia Schmidt, Wheaton
6th Grade Blue 6th Place Fury (1-3)   Kaitlyn Staples, Hancock
6th Grade Orange 4th Place Fury (2-2)   Maya Krusemark, WCA
7th Grade 6th Place Fury (1-3)   Claire Stark, WCA
8th Grade Blue 8th Place Fury (0-4)   Lesley Rinke, Wheaton
8th Grade Orange 3rd Place Fury (3-1)   Taylor Shelstad (LQP) & Hannah Polejewski (Fergus Falls)
9th grade Blue 11th Place Fury (1-3)   Tori Ratz, Fergus Falls
9th Grade Orange 7th Place Fury (2-2)   Susan Knutson, Benson  
10th/11th Orange 6th Place Fury (1-3)   Amanda Mathiasen, Willmar
10th/11th Blue 3rd Place Fury (3-1)   Larissa Lamb, Alexandria









































































































Wildcat Director:  Jodi Holleman (hollemjk@morris.umn.edu) 320-815-0616
























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