Congrats to the 4th Grade Boys AND 6th Grade Girls (Orange) on MYAS Championships!!

Also Congrats to our 7th Grade Boys on a 3rd Place finish and 8th Grade Boys on a 4th Place finish in a very tough Comet Shoot Out tournament!

West Central Wildcat Results (April 7th/8th)    
4th Grade 1st Place  MYAS (3-0)   Cadyn Vanderwal, Ortonville
5th Grade 2nd Place  MYAS (2-1)   Brayson Boike, Dawson-Boyd
6th Grade 1-3 Record Comets   Carson Boike, Montevideo
7th Grade 3rd Place  Comets (3-1)   Owen Louwagie, Lakeview
8th Grade 4th Place  Comets (2-2)   Durgin Decker, Morris
8th/9th Grade 2nd Place MYAS (2-1)   Cole Wente, Morris  
9th Grade Blue 1-3 Record Comets   Broden Fleisher, Frazee
10th Grade Boys 3rd Place MYAS (2-1)   Will Enderson, Benson
11th Grade Orange 1-3 Record Comets   Caden Bjornjeld, LQP
11th Grade Blue 1-3 Record Comets   Jaret Johnson, Morris
4th Grade Blue 2nd Place MYAS (2-1)   Lauryn Ankeny, Waska
4th Grade Orange 2nd Place MYAS (2-1)   Macy Fritz, Rosholt  
5th Grade Blue 3rd Place MYAS (2-1)   Chloe Cardwell, CGB
5th Grade Orange 4th Place MYAS (1-2)   Addyson Kath, Waska
6th Grade Blue 2nd Place MYAS (2-1)   Morgan Korf, Pelican Rapids
6th Grade Orange 1st Place MYAS (3-0)   Elizabeth Lukken, Underwood
7th Grade 2nd Place MYAS (2-1)   Alayna Evavold, Underwood
8th Grade Blue 1-2 Record MYAS (1-2)   Hailey Nelson, Sisseton
8th Grade Orange 3rd Place MYAS (2-1)   Macki Stafford, W-H-N
9th grade Blue 2-2 Record Comets   Mackenzie Jones, Willmar
9th Grade Orange 4th Place MYAS (1-2)   Chloe LaRue, WCA  
10th/11th Orange 1-3 Record Comets   Gentrie Vatthauer, WHN
10th/11th Blue 1-3 Record Comets   Cassandra Tensen, BBE