March 22, 2015 - Practice for all teams at Morris Area School.  Times TBA

March 24, 2015 - 5th and 6th Grade girls will practice at West Central Area in Barrett on Tuesday from 6-8PM.

March 25, 2015 - 5th Grade Boys (Blue), 9th Grade Boys, and 8th Grade Girls (7:30-9PM) at Morris Area School; 9th Grade Girls and new 7th Graders at Hancock School (6-8PM).

March 26, 2015 -  7th Grade Boys and 10th Grade Boys practice from 6-8PM at WCA School.

March 29, 2015 - Practice for all teams at Morris Area School.  Times TBA

March 31, 2015- At WCA (Barrett) - 6:00PM (7th Grade Girls and 9th Grade Girls (Orange), RFC- 7th Grade Boys  - 6:00-8:00 PM (One court), Starbuck - 6:30-8:30 (17 Elite) Boys

April 1st -Practices

Morris Area School (7:30PM) - 6th Grade Boys, 8th Grade Boys (Tangen/Batcher), 9th Grade Boys. The 9th Grade Boys will scrimmage the 9th grade Morris Area team tonight around 8:30PM at Morris Area.

Starbuck at 6:30PM - 4th Grade Girls

Hancock - 6:00PM - 5th Grade Boys (Blue) - Dylan and Taylor and 6th Grade Girls (Kallie/Leah)

4/2/15 -Practices Thursday

WCA - 6:00-8:00PM -- 5th Grade Girls, 8th Grade Boys (Cresap/Holleman)

Starbuck - 6:30PM - Both 9th Grade Girls teams

RFC -  5:00PM  (5th Grade Boys - (Orange) - 7:00PM- 6th Grade Girls -Kristi Klassen (one court)

4/8/15 -Wednesday at Morris Area- 5:30-7:15PM - 6th Grade Girls (Leah/Kallie) at Elementary gym (C-squad court available) 7:15-9:00PM - 8th Grade Boys (Batcher/Tangen)-Elementary gym (C-Squad court).  Also, In the HS '91 Gym from 7-9:00 PM the 17 Elite Girls and 8th Grade Girls will practice.

Wednesday in Hancock (7th Grade Girls/9th Grade Girls Orange) 6:00-8:00PM.  Brees team is welcome to join us too!

4/9/15 Thursday - 4th Grade Girls/6th Grade Girls Orange (Klassen) in Milan (6-8PM) 

Thursday at WCA - 8th Grade Boys (Cresap/Holleman)-6:30-8:30PM , 10th grade boys (7:00-9:00PM) , and 6th grade boys  6:00-8:00PM . 17 Elite boys at Starbuck (6:30PM)

Practices Sunday (4/12/15)

RFC - Elite 17 Boys (3:30-5:30PM).  If you want to extend practice after 5:30, feel free to go to UMM courts if available.  5:30PM-8:00PM - 7th Grade Boys.  Here Again, feel free to use UMM courts if available.

Morris Area School - 3:30-5:30 (4th, 5th 6th Girls) - First 45 minutes will be ran by Coach Holleman and Coaching Staff will take over after that.  5th and 6th Grade Boys will be in the HS '91 gym (3:30-5:30).  Bree will not be there, so Coaches will be in Charge of running them through the fundamentals.

Morris Elementary Gym:  5:30-8:30PM (YES THREE HOURS) GIRLS - 9th Grade (Blue), both 10th Grade teams, and 17 Elite.  Due to the difficulty of getting these teams together during the week, we are going three hours.

Morris High School - 5:30-7:30PM (Girls Grades 7, 8, and 9th Grade Orange)

Morris HS '91 Gym - 8th and 9th Grade Boys (5:30-7:45PM), Can go longer if you want. 10th Grade Boys (6:45PM-8:45PM).  It will be tight in this gym for a bit, but the other gym will be available (2 courts at 7:30PM).

4/14/15- 7th Grade Boys (at WCA-Barrett-6:30PM), 5th Grade Girls (Schmidgall) at Starbuck (6:30PM), 7th Grade Girls (Kruize) -6:30PM at Starbuck, 5th Grade Boys (both teams) in Appleton (52 Wing) at 6:00PM.

4/15/15 - Morris Area 5;30 - 6th Grade Girls (Kallie/Leah) and 4th Grade girls, 6:30-8th Grade boys (Tangen), 7:00 - 10th Grade Girls (Miller) and 8th Grade Girls.  Appleton - 6-8:30-9th Grade Boys; Hancock - 6:00PM-9th Grade Girls/yth Grade Girls/Voorhees; Starbuck - 17 Elite Girls.6:30PM


WCA (Barrett) - 6:00- 6th Grade Boys and 7:00PM 8th Grade Boys (Cresap/Holleman)

Starbuck - 17 Elite Boys (6:30PM)

Morris Area - 7:00 - 6th Grade Girls/Klassen and 10th Grade Boys (This will be in the '68 Main gym at the HS)

4/21 - 5th Grade Girls at WCA (6:00-8:00PM)


At Monte - 4th Grade Girls  (6:00-7:30PM)

At Milan - 9th Grade Girls Blue and both 10th Grade Girls (7-9PM). This practice is optional for 10th Grade Orange.  The gym is located at the intersection of 4th Street and Summit Ave.

At Starbuck - 17 Elite Boys (6:30-8:30PM)

At WCA (Barrett) - 6:00PM (17 Elite Girls and 8th Grade Girls and at 7:00PM - (10th Grade Boys)

At Morris Elementary - 6:00PM - Both 7th Grade Girls and 9th Grade Girls (Orange)--Gym is rented at 5:30 (anyone can get there early and shoot)

At High School - 6:00PM-- 8th Grade Boys (Oray/Batch); 7:00PM - 9th Grade Boys (Voorhees) gym reserved at 5:30PM

At 91 Gym in Morris- 6:00PM (Both 7th Grade Boys) .  We have this gym reserved at 5:30 as well.

Thursday Practices are as follows:

At WCA - 8th Grade Boys 7-9PM; 6th Grade Boys (6-8PM)

At Morris -Both 6th Grade Girls (7PM); 5:30PM - 5th Grade boys (both). At Morris High School (4 courts reserved).

Practices tonight at Morris Area Elementary gym (6th Grade Girls Blue ) with Jodi Holleman/Kallie/Leah at 5:30PM and then at 6:30PM Both 7th Grade Girls and 9th Grade Girls (Orange) will join us..  At the High School at 6:00PM , the 8th Grade Boys (Tangen) will meet and the 10th Grade Girls Orange will practice from 7-9PM.

Sunday, May 3rd

Practices on Sunday:  3:30-6:00 (Girls grades 4,5,6) at Elementary gym with 6th graders on the C-team court.  7th Grade boys in high school gym, and 5th, 6th Grade boys in the 91 gym. The 6th Grade Boys will not start until 4:30 - 7:00PM)

6:00-9:00PM:  Elementary gym (Girls 7th/8th on C-Team Court), 9th, 10th, 11th girls on the other courts); 8th Grade boys (Tangen) and 9th Grade Boys (Voorhees) in the High School gym, and 10th/11th Boys in the 91 gym.

Practice tonight at Morris Area (Wednesday)

5:30 - 6th Grade Girls (Kallie/Leah/Jodi) at Morris Elementary

6:30 - 7th Grade Girls (Voorhees) and 9th Grade Girls Orange and any other 7-9th Grade Girls that want to get up a TON of shots!

6:30 - 8th Grade Boys (Tangen/Batcher) and 17 Elite Boys in 91 gym. (No Practice for 9th Grade Boys)

Practice Tonight (Thursday) at WCA (6:00-8:00PM)

Both 5th Grade Boys, 6th Grade Boys and 5th Grade Girls (Tiana)

Practice Tonight (Thursday) at Montevideo High School (6-8PM)

4th grade girls and 6th grade girls (Klassen's group)

So far, Practices Saturday Morning at Morris Elementary at 8AM include:  5th Grade Girls (Schmidgall), 6th Grade Girls (Kalie/Leah), 7th Grade Girls (Kruize), and 9th Grade Girls (Orange).  Please check the website at 1:00 just in case there are any more additions to this list.

5/12/15 - Both 7th Grade Boys teams in Starbuck at 6:30PM


Starbuck - 6:15PM - 17 Elite Boys

WCA (Barrett) - 6:00PM-- 5th Grade Girls (Tiana Christenson) and 6th Grade Girls (Kallie/Leah);  and at 6:30 - 7th Grade Girls (Tina Kruize)

Morris Area Elementary School - 6:15PM--7th Grade Girls (Voorhees), 8th Grade Girls, and both 9th Grade Girls

Morris High School - 6:30 (Both 10th Grade Girls/17 Elite Girls)

Morris '91 Gym - 6:30 (Both 8th Grade Boys teams) and 9th Grade Boys

5/14/15 Thursday Practices:

WCA (Barrett) - 6:00PM - Both 5th Grade Boys teams and at 7:00PM - 8th Grade Boys -(Cresap/Holleman)

Morris Area Elementary - 6:15PM 4th Grade Girls, 5th Grade Girls (Schmidgall), and 6th Grade Girls (Klassen)

Morris High School - 6th Grade Boys (6:30) and 17 Elite Boys

Morris '91 Gym - 10th Grade Boys (6:30) and 10th Grade Girls (Blue

5/19/15 - 4th Grade girls and 6th Grade (Klassen) at Starbuck (6:30PM)

 5/20/15  Starbuck - 6:30PM - 17 Elite Boys

WCA - 6:00PM - 5th Grade Girls (Tiana) and 6th Grade Girls (Kallie) and at 7PM - 8th Grade Boys (Cresap/Holleman)

Morris Elementary - 6:15PM (both 7th Grade Girls, and both 9th Grade Girls), HS Gym at 6:15 - 8th Grade Girls and 10th Grade Girls (Orange) and in the 91' gym - 6:15PM - 8th Grade Boys (Tangen/Batcher) and 9th Grade Boys -

Practices 5/22/15

Morris Area High School (6:00PM) - 5th Grade Girls (Sami) and 6th Grde Girls (Kallie)

Morris Area '91 Gym (6:00PM) Both 5th Grade Boys









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