Elementary Gym: (9:00-11:00AM- Both Elite Girls, 11:00-1:00 Both 9th Grade Boys, and 1:00-3:00 Both 8th Grade Girls, 7th Grade Girls/Schmidgall, and any of Bree's players--Please bring a notebook to write down plays)

High School gym (9:00-11:00AM- 5th Grade Girls/7th Grade Girls/Klassen, 11:00-1:00 10th Grade Boys, and 1:00-3:00- Both 6th Grade Girls)

Wrestling gym (9:00-11:00AM- 3rd and 4th Girls, 11:00-1:00 8th Grade Boys/Cunningham, and 1:00-3:00 6th Grade Boys)


5th grade girls/7th grade (Klassen) will practice in Milan today (6-8PM).  From Hwy on South side of Milan, follow Hwy 40 West til North 4th Street, take a right, the school will be a half a block in on the left side of the street.

Both 7th Grade Boys and 8th Grade Petermeier will practice on Tuesday at Morris High School from 6:00-8:30PM.  The Wrestling gym will be available for Wildcat Workouts from 6:00-7:00PM. We want everyone to do a workout this week and have your parent sign it and bring it to your coach on Sunday.  Do it TWICE if you have time!

Elite boys are in Willmar Tonight.


3rd/4th girls will practice in Starbuck elementary gym at 6PM tonight. 

Bree's team and both 8th grade girls, and 7th grade girls/Schmidgall/Stafford will practice tonight at Minnewaska High School at 6:30PM.


10th grade boys/8th grade boys Cunningham will practice in Barrett on Thursday at 6:30PM  (one court only)

4/1/16 – 3/4/5 boys will practice at WCA at 6:30PM

Sunday Practices will be as follows:

12:00-2:30PM - 3/4th girls, 5th girls, both 6th girls, both 7th girls, 6th boys and 8th boys (Cunningham)

2:30-5:30PM - Both 9th boys, 10th boys, and 8th boys (Petermeier)

5:30-8PM - both 8th grade girls, 10th girls, both 11th girls, both 7th grade boys


Practices Tonight (Tuesday) at Morris High School at 6:30PM - 6th Grade boys and both 7th grade boy


Wednesday at WCA (Barrett) - 6:00PM - 3/4/5th Boys and 6:30PM both 6th Grade girls and at 7:45 - 17 Elite Boys

Wednesday in Milan (6-8PM) 5th Grade Girls and 7th Grade Klassen

Wednesday in Hancock at 6:30PM- 8th Grade Girls (Holleman), 10th (Bree), 11th (Phil) and at 6:30PM in Starbuck (7th Grade Girls Schmidgall) and 8th Grade Girls (Kruize)

Practices tonight (Thursday) 4/7/16

Thursday in Starbuck - 6:30PM (7th/8th grade girls with Coach Holleman) OPTIONAL - want to make sure girls are ready for this upcoming weekend.

4/17/16 - All teams practice at Morris Area School (between 12-8:30PM)


Thursday in Morris  at 7:45PM - 10th Grade Boys, 9th Grade Boys, and 8th Grade Petermeier (sorry so late but Taylor and Kyle have Spring Football)

4/8/16 The only practice tonight is at Morris High School at 6:30PM  for 8th Grade Boys (Cunningham) and 17 Elite Boys

4/14/16 -

There will be an optional dribbling/shooting practice tonight in Starbuck for 7th and 8th grade girls with Coach Holleman at 6:30PM

4/17/16 - All Teams Practice at Morris Area School

4/20/16 - 3/4/5 boys at WCA at 6:30PM, 5th Grade Girls/7th Grade Klassen/10th Bree at Monte Middle School at 6PM, Both 8th Girls/7th Kallie and 7th boys (Dylan) at Morris Elementary at 6:30pm.

4/21/16 - Morris Area (8th Grade Petermeier, 7th Grade Rohloff and 3/4 Foley and 17 Elite boys.  Optional practice in Benson for 6/7/8 girls with Coach Holleman.

Sunday Practices (May 1st) - Please bring a basketball, reversible, and water bottle. Everyone report to the Morris Elementary gym for gym assignments. Girls need to turn in their journals!

12:00 (Noon) - 3/4 boys, 5th boys, 5th girls , both 7th girls, 8th girls (orange), 10th girls

2:30PM - 6th boys, both 7th boys, both 8th boys, 10th boys

5:00PM - 3/4 girls, 8th girls (Kruize), both 9th grade boys, 17 Elite girls (Phil), 17 Elite boys, and all 6th grade girls.

Practices so far this week include the following (5/4)

Wednesday at WCA (Barrett) - 6PM - 3/4/5th Boys  7PM - 10th Grade Boys and 7th Grade Boys (Dylan)

Wednesday at Montevideo High School - 6PM - 8PM - 5th Grade Girls and 7th Grade Girls/Klassen

Wednesday at Morris Area at 6:30PM - Both 8th Grade Girls, 6th Grade Girls (Kallie) 6th Grade Girls (White)/Anthony

Wednesday - 6:30PM 17 Elite Boys at Starbuck

Sunday Practices 5/15/16

Noon - 3/4/5 boys, 5th girls, 7th girls (Klassen), and 8th girls (Kruize)

2:30 - 7th girls (Schmidgall), 8th girls (Orange), 10th girls, 11th girls (Phil), 6th boys, and 8th boys (Petermeier)

5:00 - 3/4 girls, both 6th girls, both 7th boys, 8th boys (Cunningham), both 9th boys, 10th boys, and 17 elite boys and 17 elite girls.

Practices Tonight (5/17/16) - 5th grade girls and 3/4th girls at Montevideo High School (6-7:30PM)

Wednesday - 3/4/5 Boys at WCA (Barrett) at 5:30PM and 6th Grade Girls (Tiana) at 6:30PM at WCA.  Both 8th Grade Girls at 6:30PM in Starbuck.  Tentatively 9th Grade Boys and 8th Grade Boys (Cunningham) will practice in Morris  (i still need to confirm).


Practices Tonight (5/18/16))- 3/4/5 Boys at WCA (Barrett) at 5:30PM and 6th Grade Girls (Tiana) at 6:30PM at WCA.  Both 8th Grade Girls at 6:30PM in Starbuck.  Both 9th Grade Boys and 8th Grade Boys (Cunningham) will practice at Morris HS gym at 7PM