May 20th, 2022

Good Luck to all the Wildcat teams this upcoming weekend!!  We have 29 of our teams out participating in tournaments!!  Be sure to send me updates!

I have 5 packages of clothing/gear left at the Fitness Center.  Please shoot me a text if you want to arrange a time to meet me for pick-up.

The camps are filling up, please get your registration forms mailed off ASAP.

A new camp this year is Mini-Cat Camp for boys/girls (Pre-K - 2nd Grade).  Limit is 20 kids

Practices this week:

Friday at Starbuck (6:00PM) - 10th/11th Girls Whipkey

Sunday - 8/9th Girls Elite


Congrats to the 7th Grade Girls and 11th Grade Girls Elite on a Championship finish this weekend!!!

MYAS Battle of Hardwood Results:

5th Grade Boys Orange (2-2)

6th Grade Boys White (2-2)

6th/7th Boys Miller (1-3)

9th Grade Boys Orange (1-3)

9th/10th Boys (1-3)

11th Grade Boys Orange (1-3)

7th Grade Girls (4-0) - 1st Place

8th Grade Girls Orange (4-1) - 3rd Place

AAU State Tourney

8th Grade Girls Blue (2-1)

8th/9th Grade Girls Elite (1-2)

10th/11th Grade Girls (0-3)

MYAB Tourney 

11th Grade Girls Elite (4-0) - 1st Place

Prep Hoops/Wisconsin

11th Grade Boys Elite (1-3)



Wildcat Camp Registration Forms are Now Available under Forms:)  Hoping to see a lot of Wildcats at these camps!  The camps fill up quickly, so get your forms in:)

We are still missing some Wildcat payments.  

We still have some Wildcat Gear at the Fitness Center ready for pickup.


Once you make a team, please complete the 2022 registration form and Code of Conduct and mail to Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244.  Make checks payable to West Central Wildcat Basketball. We need these items before the first tournament. Cost = $450. (Five tournaments and 18 hours of practice)

Uniform Tops are $45 and shorts are $30.  



We have a West Central Wildcat email as follows:


Wildcat Director:  Jodi Holleman ( 320-815-0616

Ass't Director - Taylor Holleman 320-815-2441

Congrats to our 4th Grade Boys and 5th Grade Girls Blue on their Championship at the MYAS Tournament (5/7/22)!!

Our 8th/9th Elite Girls went 3-0 in the AAU State Qualifier!!

Other Results as follows at the MYAS Tourney:

4th Grade Girls (2-1) - 3rd Place

5th Grade Girls Orange (2-1) - 2nd Place

6th Grade Girls Blue (1-2)

6th Grade Girls Orange (1-2)

9th Grade Girls Holland (2-1) - Consolation Champs

6th Grade Boys White (1-2)

7th Grade Boys Orange (2-1) - 2nd Place

8th Grade Boys Orange (1-2)

11th Grade Boys Orange (2-1) - Consolation Champs

AAU State Qualifier

8th Grade Girls Blue (2-1)

10th/11th Girls (0-3)

Prep Hoops Tourney

7th Grade Boys  Blue (3-1) - 2nd in Pool

11th Grade Boys Elite (2-2)
































































































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