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Tonya Tiernan   tltiernan@gmail.com
04-11-2019 5:38:24 PM CST
What is the address in St. Cloud for the comet tournament this weekend, April 13 and 14th? What time should we arrive? I have not found any info on this website about the upcoming tournament and it is only in 36 hours from now. Also can we have our coaches phone number in case we need it?

Peggy Daniels
04-09-2019 8:11:26 AM CST
I just canceled at Holiday Inn and Suites (320)253-9000.

Emmaly Krueger
04-08-2019 10:34:39 AM CST
Which hotel should the 10th/11th grade boys team stay at this weekend

Beverly Bailey   beverlybailey8@hotmail.com
04-04-2019 5:54:28 PM CST
Marley Rush CAN make practice Sunday now. Tournament is actually Sat. Players were misinformed. Thank you.

Chad Wente
04-04-2019 5:03:47 PM CST
Sorry got a little carried away there

Chad Wente
04-04-2019 5:00:52 PM CST
Hey 9th grade orange we play in Delano on the 13th and 14th there is a block of rooms at the Grandstay in Delano 763 972 4303

Chad Wente
04-04-2019 5:00:41 PM CST
Hey 9th grade orange we play in Delano on the 13th and 14th there is a block of rooms at the Grandstay in Delano 763 972 4303

Chad Wente
04-04-2019 5:00:27 PM CST
Hey 9th grade orange we play in Delano on the 13th and 14th there is a block of rooms at the Grandstay in Delano 763 972 4303

Danielle Almich   dmrieger@hotmail.com
04-04-2019 9:08:54 AM CST
Alana will not make it to practice tonight in Barrett. She has Volleyball practice tonight also with a tournament Saturday. Should make it Sunday though.

Kay Curfman   Kayli55@hotmail.com
04-03-2019 7:50:53 PM CST
Where in Montevideo is 4th grade boys practice tomorrow? Is My parents are bringing Gunnar and I’d like to tell them specifics if I could and I’m not familiar. Thank you!

Beverly Bailey   beverlybailey8@hotmail.com
04-03-2019 9:33:33 AM CST
Marley Rush 9th grade blue has her last JO tournament this Sunday April 7. Also she won't be attending the first tournament as she has a dance recital both days.

Beverly Bailey   beverlybailey8@hotmail.com
04-03-2019 9:32:13 AM CST
Marley Rush has her last JO tournament this Sunday April 7 I

Sadie   sfussy98@gmail.com
04-01-2019 8:06:34 AM CST
My son left his basketball at practice last Sunday (3/24). His name w.fussy is wrote on it. If you see, please contact me or his 6th grade boys coach, JT Karis.

Kari Nelson
03-31-2019 1:26:02 PM CST
Blake cannot make practice today. He has a soccer camp he was signed up for. 8th boys orange

Jenny Johnson   farm.johnson@gmail.com
03-31-2019 11:51:45 AM CST
Somebody accidentally took our ball yesterday. The initials on the ball are BJ. If you have it please give to 8th grade girls.

Kimberly Pagel
03-30-2019 11:07:53 AM CST
I have a JO tournament in Morris tomorrow and I won’t be able to attend practice. 10/11 orange

Amy   Amynate@prtel.com
03-30-2019 10:53:59 AM CST
Elizabeth Lukken has a JO tournament on sunday March 31 so will not make it to practice.

Rachel Ward
03-30-2019 8:59:11 AM CST
Hayley Ward will not make practice today. She is in the cities for FCCLA and won’t be back in time.

Hope Baker   hope.baker3@gmail.com
03-29-2019 8:16:08 PM CST
Ezrah will not be at practice on Sunday March 31, she has a JO tournament

Beverly Bailey   beverlybailey8@hotmail.com
03-29-2019 11:18:36 AM CST
Marley Rush has a band and choir event that's been in the planning for sometime this Sat. I didn't even know she was in it til yesterday grrrr. I was so glad for a sat practice. I'll try to get her there of possible for some of practice.

Katie Mortenson
03-23-2019 10:39:11 AM CST
Shelby likely won't be able to attend 3/24 practice.

Christine Stafford   Chrisstafford901@gmail.com
03-23-2019 8:22:51 AM CST
Macki Stafford amd Lesley Rinke have JO tournament in Fargo and most likely will not be able to make practice on Sunday. Thanks

Beverly Bailey   beverlybailey8@hotmail.com
03-22-2019 4:25:08 PM CST
Marley Rush 9th grade orange most likely miss practice this Sunday. She has JO volleyball all weekend. If she is done in time I WI get her there though. Her last tourney is April 7th and may lily miss that practice as well.. Unless the time is later in the evening. JO is next 3 Sundays then done.

Stacy Bratsch
03-22-2019 12:43:07 PM CST
Missing Wildcats Sweatpants Did anyone have or leave with an extra pair of Wildcats sweatpants they may have mistakenly taken home with them or mistook them for their own? My daughter's (Jennifer Bratsch) Wildcats grey sweatpants were lying on her clothes bag in the hall and were gone when she was done with the 3/17 tryouts. She is missing not having them. Thanks for checking.

heidi Dickinson   heididickinson13@gmail.com
03-20-2019 6:34:23 PM CST
I’m just wondering when the 6th grade boys will be practicing? Saturday or Sunday?

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