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Darcy Staloch   dlstaloch@yahoo.com
03-19-2019 4:48:05 PM CST
Curious in any 6th grade BOYS Blue or 11 grade BOYS have tried to get a block of rooms for the Comet Shootout? I have not been successful for a block of rooms only some individuals available.(I have one hotel that I am on the request list if one of their blocks falls through.)

Jennifer Bratsch
03-17-2019 4:44:46 PM CST
Somebody mistakenly too my grey wildcat sweatpants at try outs today 3/17. Please return. Thanks.

Dawn Eckert   dawneckert5@gmail.com
03-13-2019 6:34:51 PM CST
Is there the possibility of requesting tall sizes for the clothing order? Thanks.

Tracy Holdeman    Tracymarie9.th@gmail.com
03-09-2019 10:12:03 PM CST
Where I the comet shoot for 6th grade boys?

Hope Baker   hope.baker3@gmail.com
02-04-2019 11:40:17 AM CST
Where is the Comet Shootout?

Kelsey Riley   kelsey@rileytours.com
02-03-2019 1:45:45 PM CST
Talen Riley (5th grade) cannot not be at try outs today but will be at there for the last one. He does not need a Jersey, he has one from last year that still fits....his number is 2. Thanks :)

Heather Bainbridge   heatherbainbridge@yahoo.com
02-03-2019 12:54:27 PM CST
Did anyone happen to find a #41 jersey at one if the last tryouts?

Peggy Knutson    brensuelabs@gmail.com
01-30-2019 11:26:24 PM CST

Anyone interested in this sweatshirt, adult Medium $20. Too big for me. I'll be helping with uniforms on Sunday.

Kim Lindblad
01-24-2019 9:27:13 PM CST
I have a blue warmup outfit, gray warmup outfit and a practice uniform all size med adult for sale...$45

Sashya   sashyalarson@yahoo.com
07-13-2018 3:51:32 PM CST
Jodi, we spoke awhile back about Rylan attending dribble camp due to him hurting ankle and having to miss your basketball camp. having troubles opening up info on the site. I know it's next M, T, W but not sure on times. THANKS

Gina Berger   ginamarie.berger@outlook.com
06-24-2018 10:31:57 PM CST
Hadley is signed up for the June 25th-28th camp. She has softball game 3 out of the four days. Should she even go or can we have a refund?

06-11-2018 10:39:19 AM CST
Norah is signed up for shooting camp Mon through Wednesday and will only be able to attend on Wed. We are 'newbies'... Don't know is this is where such info is transmitted??

Katy Blume   dkblume@runestone.net
06-10-2018 4:21:42 PM CST
I have both my girls, Addison and Kilee signed up for shooting camp on Tuesday. Kilee is unable to attend. Could Addison attend Monday and Tuesday?

Kentt Habben
05-16-2018 4:32:05 PM CST
Eleanor hasn't picked up her shooting shirt. She said it wasn't on the table with the others. Where can she pick it up? Thanks.

Gail Brehmer   gbrehmer@hotmail.com
05-16-2018 9:10:23 AM CST
I see the 6th grade boys practice tonight at the "practice gym". This grandma doesn't know where that is located? Elementary or high school or a whole different building.

Pam Randt
05-15-2018 11:37:16 AM CST
Krista Randt, 9th Grade Orange, will not be at practice tonight, she has a choir concert.

Janet Pagel
05-15-2018 9:29:17 AM CST
I forgot to add Kimmy is on 9th grade orange:-)

Janet Pagel
05-15-2018 9:28:32 AM CST
Kimmy has not been cleared yet to play so she will not be at practice tonight. She has 2 more sessions and is hoping to get the green light on Friday.

Kristi Klassen
05-15-2018 7:21:47 AM CST
Brylea Ruff, 9th Grade Orange, will not be at practice tonight she has a choir concert.

Peggy Knutson   brensuelabs@gmail.com
05-14-2018 10:39:54 PM CST
Susan can't be at practice Tuesday (9th grade Orange), she has conference track meet.

Peggy Knutson   brensuelabs@gmail.com
05-12-2018 3:09:39 PM CST

Wildcats jersey style shirt. $12- size Large. Will bring to practice tomorrow.320.304.1511.

Barb Petron   barb@electricalsolutionsinc.com
05-11-2018 1:45:23 PM CST
Boys 8/9 Team-Hardwood Shootout-I am working on getting a block of rooms at Sheraton Midtown Hotel 612-821-7600-6 minutes from play location. You can call and reserve, I know the boys wanted to all get in the same hotel.

Paul Ratz
05-11-2018 11:57:32 AM CST
Tori Ratz will not be at practice on Sunday as we are having a family gathering for Mother's Day!

Beverly Bailey   beverlybailey8@hotmail.com
05-08-2018 12:30:16 PM CST
Marley Rush has a track meet tonight as well as Thursday and Friday. If it is cancelled she will make practice thank you.

Beverly Bailey   beverlybailey8@hotmail.com
05-08-2018 12:30:15 PM CST
Marley Rush has a track meet tonight as well as Thursday and Friday. If it is cancelled she will make practice thank you.

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