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Peggy Knutson (Susan)   brensuelabs@gmail.com
04-02-2017 8:52:04 AM CST

Peggy Knutson-Susan   brensuelabs@gmail.com
04-02-2017 8:35:10 AM CST

Looking to sell these to a Wildcat family. $20 for both, like new! Jersey is a ladies Medium, shorts are a Small. We will bring them to 2-4:30 practice today. Email or text 320.304.1511 if you are interested.

Jennifer Gjerde
04-01-2017 6:44:06 PM CST
9th grade orange girls. Maret Gjerde will not make Sundays practice. She has her last JO volleyball tournament.

Joe S
03-31-2017 4:54:12 PM CST
7th Grade Boys Orange: There's a block of rooms at the Country Inn & Suites - Eagan (651-287-8800) for $89/night for Saturday night held until Apr 3rd.

Holly & Jenny   dbratsch@rcw.k12.mn.us
03-30-2017 6:57:24 PM CST
When will our uniforms arrive?

Janelle Dow   janelledow@yahoo.com
03-30-2017 3:12:02 PM CST
Austin Dow and Noah Thompson will not be able to make this Sundays practice as they will be at their pacesetter. Thanks!

Jeff Andrews   gm.hie.sh@gmail.com
03-30-2017 2:13:52 PM CST
For any of the teams coming to the the Gopher State Spring Basketball April 8-9 in Shakopee please let me know and we will be able to get you a very good team rate at the newest hotel in Shakopee, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, just call 952-445-2244 and ask for Jeff. Thank you and Good Luck!

William Rice   billyrice@venturecomm.net
03-30-2017 11:31:04 AM CST
3rd and 4th Grade Girls for April 8th We did book rooms at the Hilton In Maple Grove. Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis / Maple Grove. If anyone is looking here is the contact info. 6350 Vinewood Lane, Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55311, USA TEL: +1-763-509-9500 For Chanhassen the Country Inn Suites had rooms available and we booked some for there as well on April 22nd 23rd.

Andrea   andreaspray_24@hotmail.com
03-30-2017 9:22:42 AM CST
I have a room booked for St.Cloud and we are now going to the cities. If anyone would be interested I can give you all the info.

Missy Myron-Rustan   missymr@farmandhomeoil.com
03-29-2017 5:24:08 PM CST
7th Grade Girls Blue: There will be a block of rooms at the Embassy Suites in Brooklyn Center (763-560-2700) open for reservations tomorrow morning for April 7th & 8th. $119 - 2 Queen Bed Suites. If you email me, I'll send the link so you can do it online.

Sandy Vold   1964sjvold@gmail.com
03-28-2017 8:13:44 PM CST
Callie has a JOVB tourney in DGF on Sunday so won't be at practice.

Angie Polejewski    Angie@younglifeotc.org
03-28-2017 7:19:29 PM CST
My daughter Hannah on the seventh grade blue team needs order jersey and shorts yet for the April 8/9 tournament. We sent a separate check with our registration wondering if I need to fill out any other paperwork or contact someone with sizes? Thanks!

Lisa Merritt   lisa.merritt@ortonville.k12.mn.us
03-28-2017 10:50:34 AM CST
Any 6th grade boys on the Orange team, if you want to send me your email address, I will set up a group email and send out when I block rooms for tournaments. My email is lisa.merritt@ortonville.k12.mn.us

Theresa Olson   tkolson70@gmail.com
03-28-2017 10:44:20 AM CST
We are looking for a hotel room in St Cloud if anyone has one reserved that they will not be using. Just shoot me an email or text. 3208153479

Jodi Tongen   tjtongen@mvtvwireless.com
03-28-2017 6:13:13 AM CST
Bryce (8th grade) has a Luther League trip this Sunday - April 2nd and will not be able to be at practice.

Stephanie Hockett    stephaniehockett@hotmail.com
03-26-2017 3:06:02 PM CST
Hi just wondering if the 3/4 grade girls parents could send me contact information as then I can set up a group text or email. I'm Ella's mom. If you can email info to stephaniehockett@hotmail.com Thanks, Stephanie

Peggy Knutson
03-23-2017 8:41:26 PM CST
Any chance you might have some samples of the wildcat gear for sizing? Pondering what size sweats to order. Thanks

Darin Bratsch   dbratsch@rcw.k12.mn.us
03-23-2017 4:56:21 PM CST
Holly is missing a basketball that had RCW written on it. Please let me know if you have it. Thanks!

Joe Schmidgall
03-23-2017 2:38:47 PM CST
Ayden (7th grade) is playing in a Pacesetter tournament this Sunday and will miss practice.

Allison   acaaberg@hotmail.com
03-23-2017 1:01:29 PM CST
Could you please add me to the list to contact for the 2017 girls basketball camp? I help with the 4th grade girls team in Britton.

Jenny Rocholl
03-20-2017 7:49:18 AM CST
I should have also mentioned it has her initials KR on the side of the ball. Sorry about that.

Jenny Rocholl   jlrocholl@gmail.com
03-20-2017 7:45:08 AM CST
Kayla Rocholl is missing her girls Spaulding basketball. She was at the 12-2:30 practice yesterday. If anyone had mistakenly picked this ball up just bring it next week to practice. Thanks a bunch :)

John sather
03-18-2017 9:31:59 PM CST
We are on vacation, Alex,zeke, and Amos will not be able to be at practice.

Jodi Tongen   tjtongen@mvtvwireless.com
03-18-2017 7:29:53 PM CST
Please add us to the email list for the 2017 camps. Thanks!

Murken   dmurken@alexandria.k12.mn.us
03-17-2017 7:23:56 PM CST
Elizabeth Murken 9th grade has the performance of Shrek the Musical this Sunday 3-19 so she will be unable to be at practice. Thanks.

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