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Mary kostad
05-06-2016 8:57:40 AM CST
The black and gray shoe belongs to Garret. Is there anyone who is coming from the Morris area that would be willing to bring the shoe? Thanks! Mary

jessica aguilar
05-06-2016 8:24:07 AM CST
Any chance you found a basketball that has "Dominic aguilar" written on it very lightly??

John Kostad   jmkostad@gmail.com
05-04-2016 4:24:44 PM CST
Garret lost one of his black and grey Nike Lebron James basketball shoes at the High School Gym in Morris on Sunday. Any help would be appreciated

Bonna McFarland
05-04-2016 3:49:49 PM CST
Jayden McFarland 6th grade white team will not be at practice tonight. She is out of town. Sorry!!

Robi Bowman
05-04-2016 11:28:53 AM CST
Emma Bowman (Klassen 7th girls) will not be at practice tonight due to softball practice.

Callie Vold
05-04-2016 9:16:10 AM CST
I came home without my basketball after practice Sunday. It has my initials (CV) on it. If you have it please post and I will try to make arrangements to get it from you.

Kristi Fehr
05-04-2016 9:11:42 AM CST
Kyle Fehr(5th grade) will not be able to make practice tonight.

Jenny Rocholl   jlrocholl@gmail.com
05-04-2016 8:06:35 AM CST
Kayla Rocholl will not be at practice tonight, last night of confirmation class. Thanks!

Holly Carrington
05-03-2016 7:43:49 PM CST
Meredith will not be able to make it to practice on Thursday because of her 6th grade class trip.

Toby Gonnerman
05-01-2016 5:25:02 PM CST
I lost my Benson Braves basketball. It says Benson. Women's ball

Shelly Peltier
05-01-2016 10:37:56 AM CST
Brooklin (Phil's team - Wildcat Orange) will not be at practice tonight.

Clint Bonn
05-01-2016 9:55:33 AM CST
Austin Bonn(8th grade blue) will not be at practice today.

Eric Lund
05-01-2016 8:59:28 AM CST
Macie will not be at practice today (7th Orange)

Bonna McFarland
05-01-2016 8:33:06 AM CST
Riley McFarland - 8th grade boys - will not be at practice today. He is getting confirmed. Thanks!!

Mark Bjornjeld
05-01-2016 7:11:37 AM CST
Caden Bjornjeld(9th grade) will not be at practice today due to his confirmation.

Erick Kannegiesset
04-29-2016 6:27:46 PM CST
Jenna ( 7th grade blue) will not be at practice on Sunday. She will be at her brothers tournament. She will do wildcat workout.

Ed Hegland
04-29-2016 3:57:26 PM CST
Grace Hegland (10th grade girls) is getting confirmed on Sunday and will be unable to be at practice at noon. Later in the day could work. Thanks.

04-29-2016 12:51:51 PM CST
5th grade boys-hotel is reserved at Hilton Garden Inn. Phone number is 763-509-9500

04-28-2016 1:27:49 PM CST
When will we see what team the 6 th grade girls are on? Locations are on opposite sides of the cities

Mel Stegner   melanie.stegner@gmail.com
04-28-2016 10:34:40 AM CST
Madysen won't be able to make the May 7th tourney as it is prom.

Lisa Merritt   Brianlisamerritt@yahoo.com
04-27-2016 5:16:04 PM CST
This weekend there a few teams playing at Armstrong school. I am waiting for a call back from a hotel to block rooms. If you play there and want me to block extra rooms for your team let me know before tomorrow morning! Email brianlisamerritt@yahoo.com or text 320-815-8418 Thanks

Regan Carlson   bcarlson@kms.k12.mn.us
04-27-2016 11:38:23 AM CST
Regan will not be at practice tonight = Grade 9 Cresap. English paper due tomorrow:(

Jennifer Gjerde
04-27-2016 10:49:51 AM CST
Weston (9th grade) will not be at practice tonight he has conformation tonight.

Jaden Thompson
04-27-2016 10:41:49 AM CST
Jaden and carter will not make practice tonight April 27 . They have track and then church .

04-25-2016 8:41:21 AM CST
Carver Larson, Easton Nelson and Mason Gorghuber (3/4 boys team) have not received their shooting shirts yet. Any idea where these are?

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