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Rebekah    schmidt74@frontiernet.net
04-16-2016 9:45:31 AM CST
Emma Schmidt will not be at practice Sunday night - she has a basketball banquet. Thanks!

Chad Bartunek   bjc20fan72@yahoo.com
04-16-2016 8:15:44 AM CST
Avery Bartunek's AAU membership number AR0AD374A1D6. Sydney Bartunek will not be able to attend the Fury Tournament as she has prom that weekend.

Kim Hahn   chahn@mvtvwireless.com
04-15-2016 9:55:34 PM CST
6th Grade Boys playing at Park Center HS: I just reserved a room at the Best Western Plus Minneapolis NW in Brooklyn Center for April 23. It's nothing fancy but has a breakfast. The rate I got was $112. I couldn't get a block of rooms. Call soon or book online to get a room. If anyone finds something better, let me know so the boys can all stay together.

John fraser
04-15-2016 2:30:21 PM CST
Samuel fraser(8th grade) will not be at practice on sunday due to a prior commitment

Chris Andrews
04-15-2016 8:07:18 AM CST
Torie Andrews 6th grade girls (Kallie/Anthony) will not be able to attend practice on Sunday. She has a dance recital that afternoon. She will do the Wildcat Workout and hopefully there will be a practice during the week she can go to.

Robi Bowman
04-14-2016 4:53:47 PM CST
Emma Bowman will not be at practice tonight has softball and volleyball. Will be there Sunday.

Suzanne Vold   dorrich@wisper-wireless.com
04-14-2016 12:44:43 PM CST
Anna Vold would like to have the #41 women's medium jersey. Can you double check to make sure no one else on her team has that number? Only a few are posted on the roster list. Thank you!

Michelle   mtonsfeldt@hotmail.com
04-14-2016 12:31:46 PM CST
Do the 7th grade boys play in Chanhassen next weekend ,too, or just the girls? Thanks!

Jenny Johnson
04-14-2016 10:53:27 AM CST
Ally Johnson 8th grade girls will not be at practice tonight, she has a track meet. Thanks!

Jenny Rocholl   jlrocholl@gmail.com
04-14-2016 10:33:20 AM CST
Kayla Rocholl will not be able to make it to Starbuck tonight as she has a track meet and Sunday she will be gone to a JO volleyball tournament. See you next week! Thanks!

Mike   mkberreau@live.com
04-14-2016 10:20:56 AM CST
Oakridge Hotel is now live. See below. Food policy: You can bring food/coolers into hotel. They just don't want someone bring 12 pizza's in to eat. Visit them on line to see what they look like. Nice place

Betsy Walsh   elizabeth.walsh@compass-usa.com

Hello, The discount at Oak Ridge is now available for the group to use. Please call 877-874-6772, and advise the desk you are with the Wildcats Group. Code is "Wildcats" The rate is $109 per night on Fri and Sat with Grab and Go Breakfast included.

Pat Lesteberg   artdog@tds.net
04-14-2016 8:05:07 AM CST
Morgan (8th grade girl) will not be at practice tonight - she has a softball game.

Mike   mkberreau@live.com
04-14-2016 7:21:50 AM CST
Still working on rooms for next weekend. Oakridge Hotel (nice place) has a no food policy (can't bring into hotel) hope to work out details today. Has anyone else book any rooms for next weekend? If so, where are you staying?

Corissa Jones
04-14-2016 6:42:19 AM CST
Mackenzie Jones 7th grade won't be able to make practice on Thursday. Thanks

Paul Ratz   pratz09@charter.net
04-13-2016 8:29:27 PM CST
Tori Ratz will not make it to Starbuck on Thursday night as she has practice with her Fergus Falls team in preparation for a Pacesetter Tournament on Saturday!

Peggy Knutson
04-13-2016 7:49:37 PM CST
Susan Knutson (7th) won't be able to make it Thursday, she has a track meet and dance rehearsal for recital on Saturday and Sunday. We will try to get her to a different practice if the times don't work out for her team's practice time. We will let Kristi know. Thank you!

Morgan Lesteberg   p.lesteberg@impactinnovationsinc.com
04-13-2016 7:12:35 PM CST
We need to register for AAU membership - correct? What is the Wildcats club code?

Morgan Lesteberg   p.lesteberg@impactinnovationinc.com
04-13-2016 6:59:08 PM CST
Jodi - Morgan will purchase a pair of the women's medium shorts if you still have them. Please advise.

Mike Berreau   mkberreau@live.com
04-13-2016 11:41:30 AM CST
I am working with Betsy Walsh at Oakridge Hotel and Convention Center. She has blocked off 15 double rooms for next Friday and Saturday and will give us a special rate of $109 per night. This includes a box breakfast (yogert,bagle,fruit and juice box). I will finalize paper work sometime today. Need to book by this Friday or the rooms will be put back for sale. Questions, give me a call. Phone to Hotel 877-874-6772

04-13-2016 9:16:56 AM CST
Just checking to see if there is practice for 7th grade boys (orange) on Thursday.

Betsy Walsh    elizabeth.walsh@compass-usa.com
04-12-2016 2:01:01 PM CST
Hello Parents, I am with the Oak Ridge Hotel and Conference Center in Chaska, MN We are right next to Chanhassen, and not too far from Chanhassen HS. I may be able to help with a block of rooms for the group. If one person would like to be the official representative for the group, I will work with the group to secure up to 15 rooms on Fri and Sat night Apr 22-24. We are offering a rate of $109.00 per night, based on availability. This rate includes a small box breakfast, or you can purchase full breakfast in our Seasons Restaurant. I will work with you with special rates up to April 15, 2016. After that date, it will be first come first serve on our website. Oak Ridge is a full-service hotel in Chaska MN. All the best, Betsy Walsh 952-368-1421 elizabeth.walsh@compass-usa.com

Mike    mkberreau@live.com
04-11-2016 9:24:24 PM CST
Also, 8th grade girls Blue. See email below.

Mike    mkberreau@live.com
04-11-2016 9:22:53 PM CST
Chanhassen April 23-24. 8th grade Orange girls. Is anybody staying over night? If so, has anyone blocked off any rooms. Let me know what parents are thinking and if we should get some rooms at the same hotel.

Stacie Olson
04-11-2016 1:23:38 PM CST
Could a parent from the boys 17 elite team please email me ASAP? Thanks. stacie.olson@wcenters.org

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