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Chandel Dietz   Cdietz@scmcinc.org
02-08-2016 1:48:04 PM CST
Jodi- Sydney is interested in wildcat basketball- 6th grade- but is playing in a tourney in Litchfield on the 14th and in Dominican Republic on March5th- she was at previous tryouts- Thanks!

Chandel Dietz   Cdietz@scmcinc.org
02-08-2016 1:45:28 PM CST
Jodi-Sydney Dietz- 6th grade is interested in Wildcats- but can

Barb Petron   barb@electricalsolutionsinc.com
02-08-2016 10:52:14 AM CST
Hi Jodi, Jordan and myself are going to try and make it to Ridgewater for your game on 17th. Looking forward to more Wildcat Basketball

Irene Anyasike   ireneanyasike@yahoo.com
02-07-2016 4:14:56 PM CST
Joshua Anyasike will be returning to Wildcats. He and his brother Joseph Anyasike will come to the try outs. Thank you. Irene Anyasike

Irene Anyasike   ireneanyasike@yahoo.com
02-07-2016 4:12:51 PM CST
Joshua Anyasike will be returning to Wildcats. He and his brother Joseph Anyasike will come to the try outs. Thank you. Irene Anyasike

Lexi Smith
02-07-2016 12:33:53 PM CST
Lexi Smith will be at the Ridgewater game on the 17th..she also says if you need another player on your team she will dress. :-)

Melissa Myron-Rustan
02-07-2016 9:57:46 AM CST
Elizabeth plans to attend Wildcat Night on the 17th!

Michelle Rinke
02-07-2016 8:46:18 AM CST
Anna Rinke 10th grade WHN is planning to participate in AAU this spring.

Stacie Paulson   stajefp@runestone.net
02-07-2016 7:59:48 AM CST
Logan Paulson, 10th grade WCA, would like to try out again this year. Thanks

Beth Sabolik
02-06-2016 8:02:07 PM CST
Brady Sabolik 10th, JJ Sabolik 8th, and Riley Sabolik 6th would like to tryout for the Wildcats again this year. Thanks :)

Stacey Boike   esboike@mvtvwireless.com
02-05-2016 10:25:10 AM CST
Montevideo 6th Graders - Kaden Boike, Justin Collins, Bradyn Schultz, & Hunter Strand will not be able to make tryouts this Sunday, 2/7 as they will be at a basketball tournament in Redwood Falls. Thank you!

Chris Fenske   chrisfenske@lakeview2167.com
02-04-2016 2:50:24 PM CST
Maddie Fenske (Lakeview-11th Grade) & Nick Fenske (Lakeview-10th Grade) would love to be on a Wildcats team again!

Holly Thorson   hollyd.thorson75@gmail.com
02-04-2016 1:32:37 PM CST
Noah, Gage, and Gavin will be coming to Wildcats night on the 17th. Sounds like a fun night!! :)

Regan Carlson   bcarlson@kms.k12.mn.us
02-04-2016 10:10:18 AM CST
Regan will be at Wildcat Night at Ridgewater!! Should be a fun night!

Victoria Pagel
02-04-2016 8:28:25 AM CST
Thank you for the past experience, but I am not trying out Wildcats this spring. (11th grade)

02-02-2016 10:23:54 PM CST
What time will your team play on Wildcat night

Melissa Viessman   melissaviessman@hotmail.com
02-02-2016 10:44:55 AM CST
Morgan Viessman(Canby) would love to be on a Wildcats team again!

Rayn Hedlund-Oberg    rayny_25@yahoo.com
01-31-2016 8:01:28 PM CST
Zion Alston(10th grade)plans to try out. He plays on Varsity for the Willmar Christian School. His next Varsity home game is 2/19 at 7pm. Thank you!

Gina Gapinski
01-30-2016 2:05:28 PM CST
Emily g will be playing at Morris on this Friday at 4:30

Gina Gapinski   Ginadavidg@mainstreetcom.com
01-30-2016 1:58:15 PM CST
Emily Gapinski would love to try out for wildcats team

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