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Monica Klimek   mo_klimek@hotmail.com
06-01-2021 11:05:32 AM CST
Missing an orange “family” shooting shirt with Klimek the back if anyone finds it! Thank you!!!

Mary Asche   marykasche12@gmail.com
05-03-2021 3:13:29 PM CST
Found in the Morris Area High School gym a 28.5 Spalding basketball with Fritz written on it. I will have it at the Morris High School. Let me know how I can get it back to you.

04-13-2021 8:31:02 AM CST
Just wondering if the 7th grade boys blue will practice this week?

04-04-2021 6:28:13 PM CST
When will the boys roasters be posted. 2021

Clarice Anderson
03-15-2021 12:25:27 PM CST
My daughter really enjoyed playing on this team.

02-27-2021 12:39:31 PM CST
When is the next girls 8th grade girl tryouts for 2021

Patti Erickson   perickson@isd2149.org
03-09-2020 2:13:53 PM CST
Will the 2020 forms be coming out soon for the basketball camps?

08-31-2019 7:27:56 AM CST
This is public to anyone on the internet and easy to harvest your names, phone numbers, and email addresses

Heather Bainbridge   heatherbainbridge@yahoo.com
05-28-2019 4:35:12 PM CST

We accidentally ordered a youth medium. Anyone interested in purchasing it from us? $39.50

Amy Klindworth
05-24-2019 11:05:45 AM CST
Ava Klindworth will not be able to make practice tonight.

Heather Thompson   hlt.kingdomhope@gmail.com
05-13-2019 10:33:39 AM CST
Ooops! My cell number is 320-424-0219.

Heather Thompson   hlt.kingdomhope@gmail.com
05-13-2019 10:31:52 AM CST
Anyone going to the ECI Tournament this weekend need a hotel room in Fargo? I HAVE 3 ROOM AVAILABLE. Check in Friday the 17th and check out Sunday the 19th. It's at the Holiday Inn Express-West Acres. Call or text me if you need a room. Reservations need to go thru me cuz I put my name and card info on them. I then call them and add your name.

Wade Gustafson   Wade.gustafson@ridgewater.edu
05-13-2019 7:04:23 AM CST
My daughter Lyza on the 5th grade girls team lost her black wildcat pants this weekend at the MYAS tournament at Humboldt High School. One of the directors said they were turned into lost and found and that they gave it to a parent or coach of our Wildcat group so could you please email me so we can get them back. Thanks!

Terri Schulz   terriberg@hotmail.com
05-06-2019 11:40:04 AM CST
When will the forms for the summer basketball camps be posted to register for them?

Teresa Kallstrom
05-06-2019 8:22:48 AM CST
the wildcat camp form does not show up to be printed off

Allan Ross
04-29-2019 5:22:19 PM CST
Emily Ross 6WDW94A9

Lisa Merritt   Brianlisamerritt@yahoo.com
04-28-2019 10:41:02 AM CST
If someone forgot their youth large black wildcat sweatpants at Pioneer Ridge in Chaska Saturday, we picked them up.

Tracy Viessman
04-27-2019 9:37:56 AM CST
Anyone grab a basketball with Viessman on it by mistake Wednesday night at the RFC? Let me know :)

Rebecca Morrow   rebecca.k33@gmail.com
04-26-2019 3:45:05 PM CST
Jenna Kannegiesser 6WCYBDA9

Jenny Johnson   farm.johnson@gmail.com
04-26-2019 1:28:09 PM CST
Aleisha Johnson 10/11 Elite 6WCWEEA9 Rebecca Johnson 8th 6WCWEFA9

Kristine Bugbee
04-26-2019 12:23:28 PM CST
Josey Bugbee (9th gr Orange) ID#: 6WCW58A9 Moraes Bugbee (8th gr) ID#: 6WCW59A9

Wendy Sandven   wendys@montevideoschools.org
04-26-2019 7:38:01 AM CST
Tyra Sandven 6W9EYDA9

Tracy Viessman
04-26-2019 6:30:10 AM CST
Taylor Viessman#6WBF9WA9

Brylie Schultz
04-25-2019 10:06:30 PM CST

Susan Bones
04-25-2019 9:49:51 PM CST
Ruby Bones ID: 6WBE7CA9

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