8th and 9th Grade Girls Teams are posted!!  Congrats!!  10th Grade will be posted by noon tomorrow.

11th Grade Girls Elite will practice this Wednesday in Barrett from 7-9:00PM.

Coaches please email Tiana at wildcatswestcentral@gmail.com to get contact info for your entire team along with Jersey Numbers.

It doesn't look like we will be able to get any gym space during the week; however,  I was able to get gym space at Morris Area School this upcoming Saturday and Sunday.  Coaches please let me know what works for you and your team.

Please be patient while we try to finalize coaching staff, tournament schedules, and practice schedules.  Right now we are struggling to get gym space due to all the snow and spring sports practicing in the gym; therefore the practice schedules are up in the air. 

Wildcat Online Store will be posted SOON!!!



Once you make a team, please complete the 2023 registration form and Code of Conduct and mail to Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244.  Make checks payable to West Central Wildcat Basketball. We need these items before the first tournament. Cost = $475  (Five tournaments and 15 hours of practice). The 10th Grade Boys Elite and 11th Grade Boys Elite will play in 6 tournaments and pay $550.

Uniform Tops are $50 and shorts are $30.  



We have a West Central Wildcat email as follows:  wildcatswestcentral@gmail.com  



Wildcat Director:  Jodi Holleman (hollemjk@morris.umn.edu) 320-815-0616

Ass't Director - Taylor Holleman 320-815-2441

Frequently Asked Questions/Announcements:

1.  Will most practices be at Tiger Center and where is this located?  Most of the Weekend practices will be in Morris (mainly Sundays, but due to so many teams--we may have to practice on Saturdays too.) Coaches will work with players on whatever works best for each team.  Morris Area has 3 gyms (Tiger Center aka Morris Elementary), Morris High School, and Morris Practice Gym.  All three of these are located at 201 South Columbia Ave.

2.  How long does the Wildcat Season Last (typically April and May).  We really want athletes to be available to participate with their High School Programs in June and July.

3.  When is the registration fee due and what should we do if we paid the $100 down payment.  We would like the payment before the first tournament.  If you made a down payment of $100, this should go towards your registration fee of $475.  10th/11th Elite boys will pay $550.  Please do NOT give any registration forms or payment to coaches.

4.  What should we do about uniforms?  Please make sure to issue a separate check for $80 for Uniforms.  Tiana Holleman will start coming to practices and distribute uniforms.  Priority will be given to the teams going to the Comet Shoot Out.  

If you have not filled out the player information google form including contact information and uniform size for 2023 OR if you need to change the jersey size you already selected prior to tryouts, please fill out this form ASAP.


Discounted Jersey Opportunity!!! In one of our recent uniform orders, we mistakenly received jerseys with numbers ranging from #56-75 for various sizes. We are willing to sell these jerseys to anyone interested for a discounted $25 compared to original $50. If you are interested in one of these jerseys for the 2023 season, for games or an extra practice jersey, please email wildcatswestcentral@gmail.com.: (Youth XL and Women L/XL)





























































































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