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Daily Announcements:

February 4th, 2019

HUGE shout out to Peggy Knutson and all the wonderful parents that helped out with the Uniforms yesterday!!!!!  It was exciting to see all the NEW athletes trying out for the Wildcat teams!!

Please note that Boys and Girls in grades 4-6 will NOT go to the Comet Shoot OUT.  They will participate in an MYAS tournament in the twin cities.  Also, it will depend on the talent level of the 7th graders and the Orange teams whether or not we will have them compete in the Comet Shoot OUT.  We want to put the teams in a situation where they will be successful in the first tournament.  I would recommend that 7th grade parents book a hotel room (JUST IN CASE).  You can always cancel it!


I have been getting a bunch of texts regarding the Mandatory tryout on March 3rd as some school teams will be participating in a pacesetter tournament on this date.  It IS ok to miss this final tryout; however, you are taking a gamble of not being evaluated one more time.  PLEASE be sure to text me on March 3rd indicating that you still want to be considered for a team!!!

I have been getting numerous emails/texts about the tournament on May25th/26th due to graduations and Memorial Day Weekend.  We are going to leave that 4th tournament (to be announced) depending on availability of at least 70% of the players.  The option dates would be May 18/19 or June 1/2.

See below for more information on Wildcat Season.


Final Try OUT Information

Final TryOut for boys/girls grades 4-9 will be Sunday, March 3rd--mandatory that you attend this tryout!!  We always assume that you are ONLY trying out for Wildcats and not other AAU clubs. 

TryOuts for Varsity Boys and Girls will be Sunday, March 17th (Noon - 4:00PM).  Please shoot me a text and let me know if you are interested in trying out this year.  320-815-0616.  Or shoot Taylor a text 320-815-2441


The first tournament will be April 13/14th Comet Shoot Out for older players and MYAS in twin cities for younger players.  Fury Tournament is April 27/28. MYAS May 11/12 and Final tournament (TBA).  Please note that this schedule may change depending on availability of Coach and Players.  We are currently working on finalizing the schedule and hiring coaching staff.  If you know of a varsity or JV coach that might be interested, shoot me a text. 

You may want to get a hotel reserved for Comet Shoot Out.  They fill up quickly!!!

Cost to play Wildcats = $410 (includes 20 hours of fundamental practice and 4 tournaments).  This does not include uniforms.

Elite teams will play in five/six tournaments (registration fee will be higher).  We will not have elite teams for grades 4-7.  We will still have a blue and an orange team.

At our board meeting, we decided that the older teams (8th - 11th grade) would POTENTIALLY try to practice on Saturdays and Sundays and eliminate the weekday practices.


If you have more questions, shoot me a text or email.  Please do not call me.  If I don't answer, keep texting as I am very busy with my Ridgewater team right now.  320-815-0616


























































































































Wildcat Director:  Jodi Holleman (hollemjk@morris.umn.edu) 320-815-0616
























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