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Daily Announcements:

Good Morning (Tuesday, May 22nd)

Congrats to the following teams for placing 1st this past weekend:  (4th Grade Girls Blue, 5th Grade Girls Orange, 6th Grade Girls Blue, and 11th Grade Elite Girls)

2nd Place:  (5th Grade Boys, 8th Grade Girls Orange, 9th Grade Girls Blue)

3rd Place:  (6th Grade Boys, 10th Grade Boys, and 11th Elite Boys)

MVP's are listed below!!  You can pick up your trophy at the Wildcat Picnic on Saturday.  Please note that a few coaches gave the MVP to TEAM which means EVERYONE played well and it was difficult to pick out just one player.  These players can ALL pick up a candy bar on Saturday at the Awards Table!

Coaches:  I need to know if you plan on walking/running in the Color Run.  I also need to know how many of your players plan on participating in the color run and/or picnic.  Remember the first TEAM to send 5 players across the finish line will receive trophies for ENTIRE team.  Boys and Girls are split. 

The first Wildcat Boy and Girl to cross the finish line will receive a new basketball along with the first 4th and 5th grader.  First four parents will receive Under Armour zips and the first four coaches will receive a Buddies Gift Certificates!  Should ba a lot of fun!  These prizes will be awarded at the picnic since we will have Hancock Community members also participating in the Race.

I will list potluck assignments tomorrow!!  I do need two volunteers to bring a grill and be willing to start grilling hot dogs at 11:45 at West Side Park in Hancock.


Wildcat Players, please let your coach know by Wednesday if you plan to participate in the Color Run and/or come to the Wildcat Picnic.  Remember all proceeds from the color run will go towards building a gym in the back of the Fitness Center for Wildcats to use in March/April/May. 

Coaches are invited to my house after the picnic to complete some paperwork, pick up your paycheck, and chat with me a little bit about your team.  It would also be great if board members could stop by to discuss improvements for next season.


Any Wildcat that is currently a 7th Grader qualifies to go to Session I and Session 2 for $65 the last week in June!!  This is ONLY for Wildcats!! 

Also, Please let me know if you are interested in bringing a team to participate in the RFC League this summer.  Girls play on Mondays and Boys play on Wednesdays.


Wildcat Basketball Camps

June 11th - June 14th (Wildcat shooting camp at UMM)

June 25 - June 28th (WILDCAT Camp at UMM)

July 16/17/18 - (Wildcat Dribbling camp at UMM)


West Central Wildcat Results (May 19th/20th)    
Boys         MVPs    
4th Grade   1-3 (MYAS)   Preston Kisgen, Hancock
5th Grade 2nd Place 3-1 (MYAS)   Brayson Boike, D-B
6th Grade 3rd Place 3-2 (MYAS)   Mitchell Dewey, WCA
7th Grade 4th Place 2-2 (ECI)   Dylan Bainbridge, WHN
8th Grade   1-3 (ECI)   Brandon Jergenson, Morris
8th/9th Grade   1-3 (MYAS)   Payton Kleinhuizen  
9th Grade Blue 5th Place 2-2 (ECI)   TEAM (excellent teamwork)
10th Grade Boys 3rd Place 2-2 (MYAS)   Sam Olson, Monte
11th Grade Orange   1-3 (ECI)   Cole Reese, Hancock
11th Grade Blue 3rd Place 3-1 (ECI)   Tyson Powell, Ortonville
Girls         MVP's    
4th Grade Blue 1st Place MYAS 4-0   Acelynn Hacker, KMS
4th Grade Orange   MYAS 1-3   Emily Kellen, CGB  
5th Grade Blue   MYAS 0-4   TEAM for Battling Strong
5th Grade Orange 1st Place MYAS 4-0   Madelynn Luft & Addison Blume
6th Grade Blue 1st Place MYAS 4-0   Sydney Ulrich, WCA
6th Grade Orange   MYAS 0-4   Ezrah Baker, Underwood
7th Grade 5th Place MYAS 2-2   Hailey Dirksen, Monte
8th Grade Blue 4th Place MYAS 1-4   Marley Rush, Benson
8th Grade Orange 2nd Place MYAS 3-1    TEAM for leaving it on the floor
9th Grade Blue 2nd Place MYAS 3-1   Myah Kremer & Lexi Staples
9th Grade Orange 5th Place MYAS 2-2   Georgia Gallagher, WHN
10th/11th Orange   MYAS 0-4   Abi Eckhoff, Henning
10th/11th Blue 1st Place MYAS 4-1   Malory Anderson, Morris
          Claire Ricard, Benson









































































































Wildcat Director:  Jodi Holleman (hollemjk@morris.umn.edu) 320-815-0616
























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