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Daily Announcements:

May 31st, 2016

Congrats to the 3/4th Grade Boys on winning the lip sync contest!!!!!

Pizza Party was a HUGE success!!  It was fun to celebrate another successful Wildcat Season!  I want to thank my coaching staff for doing an OUTSTANDING job coaching these talented players!  Special thanks to the parents for bringing your son/daughter to all the practices and your positive feedback.  I will post all of the Award Winners and Team Accomplishments later in the week. Today is my last day of work at UMM as I have the summers off to conducts camps and run the RFC League.  If you need to contact me, send me a text as I only check email twice a week (320)815-0616.

We are heading to Lakeview tomorrow to conduct a camp, and then we travel to Monte and Ortonville the following week.  If you are interested in participating in any of these camps on the road, please let me know.  All of the schools are very supportive of out of town kids attending.

I still have room for a few more Varsity girls to play on the Wildcat RFC team this summer.  Also, the camps are filling up quickly.  Get your forms in.  As always, any boy or girl that played on the 17 elite team can come to the big wildcat camp for free if they stay and help with the younger kids in the afternoon. 

Congrats to the 8th Grade Girls (Orange) and 10th Grade Girls on their Div. II MYAS Championships this past weekend.  7th Grade Girls (Klassen) finished 3rd along with 5th Grade girls and 11th Grade Girls.  6th Grade Boys finished 4th.  Our boys battled strong in a very tough ECI tournament. 

.I'm still looking for more varsity and JV girls that want to be on the Wildcat team for RFC League.  We are also doing a scramble league for any girls in grades 3/4/5 for RFC league.  Email me at hollemjk@morris.umn.edu if interested.  This is the final week to sign up!!

The Wildcat Camps are filling up quickly so get your forms turned in ASAP.  As always, 7th grade Wildcat boys/girls get to attend both session 1 and session two for $65.  Get your forms turned in early as this camp usually fills up in 4-5 days.

All three camp forms are posted on the website now under FORMS tab.

Results of all the wildcat teams on May 21/22 were as follows:


3/4 Grade - (1-2)  MVP Gabby Ommodt, NLS

5th Grade - 3rd Place (2-2)  MVP Jessica Moberg, CGB

6th Grade Orange (1-2)  MVP Celi Nelson, Ashby

6th Grade Blue - (2-2)  MVP Addy Randt, Waska

7th Grade Orange - 3rd  Place (4-1)  MVP Karlie Erickson, LQP

7th Grade Blue - (1-2)  MVP Lexi Bright, WCA

8th Grade Orange - 1st Place (3-0)  MVP Kayla Rocholl, Underwood

8th Grade Blue (1-2)  MVP Ally Johnson, Underwood

10th Grade - 1st Place (3-0)  MVP Haley Studbucket Wollschlager, LQP

11th Grade Elite (Orange) - 3rd Place (2-1)  MVP Brooke Beuning, NLS


3/4 Grade (1-2)  MVP Maeson Tank, Waska

5th Grade -  (2-2)  MVP Tyson Misegades, Henning

6th Grade - 4th Place (2-2)  MVP Toby Gonnerman, Benson

7th Grade (Blue) -  (1-3)  MVP Jake Trevett, Milbank

7th Grade (Orange) - (2-2)  MVP Adam Tonsfeldt, Barnesville

8th Grade (Orange) - (1-3)  MVP Max Foster, Monte

8th Grade (Blue) - (0-4)  MVP Jack VanKempen

9th Grade (Orange) - (1-3)  MVP Connor Reese, Hancock

9th Grade (Blue) -  (2-2)   MVP Carter Henry, CMCS

10th Grade -  (1-3)  MVP Jaden Peterson, Barnesville

11th Grade Elite (1-3)  MVP Zion Alson, NLS


Wildcat Camp Dates this year are as follows:

June 13th - 16th - Shooting Camp at RFC

June 27th - July 1st - Wildcat Camp at UMM

July 18, 19, 20 - Wildcat Dribbling Camp at UMM


I still have a lot of players that have NOT paid the registration fee of $395.  They will not be allowed to play in the next tournament if they do not pay ASAP.  I also have some Wildcats that did NOT pay the initial $100 down payment at the final tryout in March and then only sent a check for $295.  Please check your records.




















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