No Wildcat Practices or Private Lessons Tonight!!!!!!!

Announcements for April 16, 2014 - Girls MVP's are listed BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EVERYTHING IS CANCELLED FOR TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HANCOCK JUST CALLED OFF SCHOOL At 1:00 and I attempted to get back to work after lunch and had to turn around!!!  If weather tomorrow is better, would like to find some gym time for 4th and 5th grade boys and girls!!  Possibly WCA!!!!

Please watch the Website today as an announcement will be made at 3:00PM regarding practices tonight and other coaches may decide to add a practice.  Some coaches are doing private lessons.

The following teams will practice at Morris Area School tonight at 6:00PM - 5th Grade boys, 8th Grade Boys, 7th Grade Girls, and 9th Grade Girls (Holleman)

4th Grade Boys and Girls and 5th Grade Girls will practice In Hancock on Wednesday at 6:00PM.  I have the gyms reserved for 2.5 hours; however, it is up to the coaches how long they want to practice.  4th and 5th Grade boys will need to bring a current report card to verify your GRADE this weekend.  It would be great if you could bring it to practice tonight.  Be sure to bring a basketball and water bottle with you to practice.  I spoke with BSN yesterday and the youth shorts were shipped 3 weeks ago, but they cannot locate them.  He is going to do everything he can to get them here by Friday.

The following teams will practice in Benson Tonight for the Marshall Coaches and UMM Coach:  9th Grade Boys (Smith)-(Aux gym), 10th Grade Girls/17 Elite Girls (Main gym)--switch after one hour and 6th Grade Girls (Northside School gym-1800 W. Nevada Ave. North side of Benson.  1 block west of baseball field on Denfield Dr and 1 block south of Denfield Dr.) from 6:00 - 8:30PM.  If it rains, practice will begin at 6:30.

All 8th Grade girls will practice with Coach Holleman in Starbuck tonight at 6:30PM.

If your coach is gone on Saturday and you still want to practice, you are more than welcome as we have a few extra coaches available.  Practice will be from 2-5PM at Morris Area School!!!!!  We plan to hit the fundamentals HARD for those that can make it.  We have a LOT of courts reserved, so coaches will be able to take a full court if needed.  We will also play Nebraska and Scrimmage a lot of teams

If you still need shorts OR a different jersey, PLEASE PUT ON MESSAGE BOARD!!! 

Fury Tournament is in Chaska Or Chanhassen.

4th/5th Grade parents can find schedule for MYAS tournament at       (click on basketball on top, then Gopher State Spring Basketball, then scroll down to April 19th (Super Saver) and click on teams/schedules and then find the Wildcat team)  Brandi's Cresaps team will play the early games and Nate Hollemans team will play the later games.

Visit to purchase an AAU Card.

BOYS MVP's from Comet Shoot-OUT (Will receive a plaque!!!)                         Girl's MVP's from Comet Shoot-Out

6th Grade boys (BLUE) - Matt Hmielewski, Marshall                                               6th Grade Girls - Emma Thorfinnson, Minnewaska

6th Grade Boys (Orange) - Grant Jensen, Minnewaska                                           7th Grade Girls - Grace Hegland, LQP

7th Grade Boys (Blue) - Daniel Savageau, Osakis                                      8th Grade Orange - Kristin Haiby, Pelican Rapids

7th Grade Boys (Orange) - Camden Arndt, Morris Area                                           8th Grace Blue - Kendra Kuczek, Minnewaska

8th Grade Boys - Brady Sabolik, West Central Area                                             8th Grade White - ENTIRE TEAM!!!!!!!!

9th Grade Boys (Blue) - Nate Treinen, Ortonville                                                 9th Grade (Blue) - Rachel Martinson, Parkers Prairie

9th Grade Boys (Orange) - Ryan Blake, Parkers Prairie                                        9th Grade (Orange) - Co-MVP's Kayla Feldhake (Alex)

                                                                                                                                      and Sadie Stelter (Lakeview)

10th Grade Boys - Ethan Streich (Ortonville)                                                            10th Grade - Rian Lee, Paynesville                                   

17 Elite Boys - C0-MVP's  Riley Thompson & Hunter Winther (Ortonville)                              17 Elite Girls - Becca Holland, Morris Area   

This Wednesday practice will be for the 4th/5th grade teams that will be playing this weekend AND for the coaches that WILL not be able to make it to practice on Saturday.  I am encouraging the rest of the coaches to do some private lessons with players on your team that need extra training. I am TRYING to get practice times bumped UP on Saturday so that everyone can spend time with family for Easter Holiday.  (No Guarantees)

4th Grade Girls will be participating in a two day tournament in the Twin Cities April 26th/27th.  The rest of the Girls teams will be participating in the Fury Spring Showdown (except 8th Grade Orange).  These girls will get to play May 3rd AND May 4th.  The 4th Grade girls do not need AAU cards, but ALL the rest of the teams will need them!!  Clube Code = WW3FA9

All the Girl Wildcats NEED to write in their journals about all practices and the Comet Shoot Out.  Coaches will be collecting these SOON!! Please write down all your plays in the journal and any thoughts or concerns.

WELCOME TO AAU BASKETBALL!!!!!  PLEASE do NOT get frustrated as the level of competition this past weekend was UNBELIEVABLE!!!  I had reports of stiches (Riley Thompson), sprained ankle (Britton Conroy), black eye (Emma Schmidt), and numerous other injuries, but we all made it through the toughest tournament of the AAU season!!

Congrats to the 8th Grade Girls (White) for going 5-0 and winning the Comet Shoot Out Championship!  Congrats to 9th Grade Girls Orange for going 3-1 and obtaining 3rd Place with a nice overtime win! Congrats to 9th Grade boys (Blue) for going 3-1 (Consolation Champs).  Congrats to 6th Grade Girls for going 2-1!  Congrats to 17 Elite Girls for going 2-2 in a tough bracket!  MVPs will be posted after lunch along with numerous other announcements!

If you are not happy with the amount of playing time, have your son or daughter ask the coach what they can do to receive more playing time!  Ask the coach for private lessons!  Please do not call me!

Most of the uniforms are distributed to the players!!!  If you can't live with a certain numer or size, put it on the message board and you can trade with someone. IF you have a uniform without a number, ship it to me immediately so I can get a number printed before the next tournament. Please ship  to 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244.   Still waiting for a batch of youth shorts for the girls!!

I also need to know which girls will not available for the FURY tournament on the 26th and 27th so we know how many teams to send out!

I emailed BSN to let them know we need MORE XS and YOUTH shorts. 

I appreciate your patience on the scheduling of tournaments.  Hopefully the elite teams/coaches can get together onSunday and narrow down which weekends they will ALL be available!! 

Do not purchase AAU cards YET.  As of right now, the only people that will need them are the Girls going to the FURY Tournament on April 26th/27th.  I am going to request NO Friday night games that weekend if possible!!!

Send Registration fee ($395) to:  Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave., Hancock, MN  56244 (payable to West Central Wildcats)

Wildcat girls will need to purchase a journal (spiral tablet) to write down thoughts on practices/tournaments and fiagram plays.  They will be collected after tournaments by the coaching staff who will also write in them and let you know how your are doing!!!  So for now, write about your practices and your strengths/weaknesses.

DO NOT STRESS OVER THESE PRACTICES DURING THE WEEK!!!  IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!  The Comet Shoot Out is a TOUGH tournament and we all want to play well that weekend.   If you see another team having practice and it works better for you, GO TO THAT PRACTICE!!!  If you can't go at all, get to the gym and do some extra shooting and sprints.  We are trying to move the practices around a bit this month so people don't have to drive so far.  When things slow down, practices will mainly be on Sundays.

Try to pay your registration fee before the Comet Shoot Out!!!!  If you need to make payments, LET ME KNOW.

You do not need AAU cards for the Comet Shoot Out.  Girls WILL need AAU cards for the Fury tournament, but HOLD tight until we announce which teams are going.

Boys Grades 7-11 will be going to the ECI tournament in Moorhead!!!  Dorms will be available for the players if needed!

Please note that the only tournaments that the Wildcats are committed to so far is the Comet Shoot Out (April 12th/13th) - Not sure on 5th graders AND FURY Spring Showdown (April 25th-27th) - GIRLS (havent committed which teams yet) and the ECI Tourney in Fargo/Moorhead (May 17th/18th) Boys only for ages 14-18 year olds. I will be meeting with the coaches on Monday night to start confirming schedules.  Please be patient.

Get your GEAR ordered - deadline is March 27th!!  REMEMBER SHIPPING COST IS $18 SO PLEASE MERGE YOUR ORDERS!  LAST YEAR THE GEAR DID NOT ARRIVE BY THE COMET SHOOT OUT! Hopefully it will be different this year! I would like all Wildcat Players to get the Orange shooting shirt!  I would also like all players to wear wildcat gear to practice.

If you have not paid for your Uniform, please mail a check payable to West Central Wildcats for $59 ASAP to 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244.


7th Grade Boys Blue

Regan Carlson, KMS

Weston Gjerde, KMS

Noah Thorson, KMS

Daniel Savegeau, Osakis

Cole Reese, Hancock

Connor Reese, Hancock

Caden Bjornjeld, LQP

Jordan Riley, Milbank

Hunter Gonnerman, Benson

Wyatt Halvorson, LQP

Coach:  Oray Tangen

Ass't Coach:  Brodie Raymond

7th Grade Orange

Bennett Nienhaus, Hancock

Eean Allpress, LQP

Mitchell Meyer, Ortonville

Zack Hughes, Morris Area

Camden Arndt, Morris Area

Peyton Rohloff, Hancock

Jaret Johnson, Morris

Kolten Lindblad, Dawson-Boyd

Grant Euteneuer, Parkers Prairie

Josh Anyasike, Dawson-Boyd

Coaches:  Stephen Batcher

Asst. Coach:  Chad Rohloff
















5th Grade Girls Blue

Morgan Kisgen, Hancock

Emma Bowman, Morris Area

Izzy Schmidt, Wheaton

Megan Blake, Parkers Prairie

Lora Botker, CGB

Reanna Ward, CGB

Alex Stitt, LQP

Krista Randt, WCA

Faith Alberts, Parkers Prairie

Coach:  Nate Holleman

5th Grade Girls Orange

Macie Lund, LQP

Alexis Berger, Alexandria

Jaya Hatlestad, Alexandria

Olivia Hasbargen, Wheaton

Mataya Hoelscher, Alexandra

Karli Erickson, LQP

Brianna Swenson, Parkers Prairie

Maddie Thorfinnson, Minnewaska

Jenna Kannegiesser, Hancock

Ana Marquardt, Parkers Prairie

Coach: Brandi Cresap









10th Grade Girls

Ruthie Holmes, West Central Area

Abigail Oberg, West Central Area

Ashley Just, KMS

Alexis Schmitz, Montevideo

Annabelle Haarstad, West Central Area

Courtney Erickson, Minnewaska

Emma Royce, HLA

Megan Aasness, HLA

Emma Middendorf, Minnewaska

Rian Lee, Paynesville

Coach:  Alison Nagel, SmSU Player








**Another question came up........wondering what the strength of competition will be this year for teams.  I would like EACH team to compete in two TOUGH tournaments and two EASIER tournaments.  We want to have some success AND be challenged!

Practices:  I have gym space rented at Morris Area School on the following Sundays:  March 30th, April 6th, and May 11th and Saturday, April 19th (4:30-8:30PM) and every Wednesday from April 16th - May 28th (6:00-8:30PM).  The times/teams practicing will

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