May 22, 2015.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  Good Luck to all the Wildcat Teams this weekend!!!

It's official, the final wildcat fun practice/pizza party will be Sunday, May 31st at 5:30PM at the Morris Area School.  We will do all kinds of contests between the various teams and boys vs girls competition! 

The Wildcat Camp Form is posted!!!  There is a link in the first column below and a link on the bottom left of the screen  Last year the camp filled up in two days!!  Pleae do not fax or email me the forms.  7th Grade WILDCAT boys and girls get to go to session one and session two for one price of $65.00 just like last year.

I still have not received full payment from 6 Wildcat Players.  Please take care of this before Saturday or your son/daughter will NOT be allowed to play!

Attn:  5th Grade Girls - We need to collect checks from each of the familes that plan on attending the Lynx game on June 21st.  Each ticket costs $15.00 (payable to MN Lynx).  Your coach will have a form at practice for you to complete.  Please complete the form, attach a check, and give to your Coach on Saturday!  How exciting for our 5th Grade Girls!!!

I am soooo excited to announce that we had TEN  Wildcat teams playing in the Championship game this past weekend!!!!  Congrats to the 4th Grade Girls, 5th Grade Girls (Blue), 7th Grade Boys (Gieske), 9th Grade Girls (Blue) on 1st  Place!   Runner Up was awarded to the 5th Grade Boys (Dylan/Taylor), 6th Grade Boys, 7th Grade Girls (Blue), 7th Grade Boys (Roggenbuck), 8th Grade Girls, and 9th Grade Girls (Orange).  The Wildcats picked up a LOT of wins this past weekend.  I will post more results at noon.  Coaches please get me MVP's ASAP!



Once you make a team, you can start mailing your registration fee of $395, registration form, and Code of Conduct to Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244.  We do have a credit card machine now at the Wildcat Office at Holleman Fitness Center. 

All Girls attending the MN Fury Tournament on April 25/26 will need to get an AAU card prior to that date. Go to and the West Central Wildcat code is WW776D.

The BIG Wildcat Camp is the Week of June 22nd (M-F), this year there will be TWO dribble camps and they will be the week of July 13th.  Tentative Shooting Camp will be the week of June 15th (3 days).    Click Here   for the Registration form .


























Meet the MYAS MVP's

4th Grade Girls

Alexis Hunter, Taylor Viessman (Co-MVP's)

Taylor Shelstad, Kiera Foley (Co-MVP's)

Jessica Moberg

5th Grade Girls (Blue)

Emma Kovarik

Addyson Randt

Addy Bonn

5th Grade Girls (Orange)

Elizabeth Rustan

Ava Klindworth

Lilly Thul

6th Grade Girls (Kallie/Leah)

Kaylie Raths

Bailey Schoen and Lexi Staples (C0-MVP)

Reanna Ward and Analise Marquardt (Co-MVP)

6th Grade Girls (Klassen)

Macie Lund

Emma Bowman

Izzy Schmidt and Emma Swenson (Co-MVP)

7th Grade Girls (Blue)

Ella Grove

Abbie Mitteness

Mallory Anderson

7th Grade Girls (Orange)

Morgan Lesteberg

Brynn Fernholz

Isa Ommodt

8th Grade Girls

Grace Hegland

Riley Decker

Lindsay Kranz

9th Grade Girls (Blue)-------

Madi Bratten

Hannah Stelter

Emily Gapinski

9th Grade Girls (Orange)

Franny Cat Palmer

Sarah Schmitz

Julia Hoffman

10th Grade Girls (Blue)

Kendra Miller

Kiyana Miller

Abby Olson

10th Grade Girls (Orange)

Sydney Bartunek

Victoria Pagel

Kaitlyn Willander

17 Elite Girls

Nikki Erickson

Abby Oberg

Becca Holland



























Meet the MYAS MVP's

5th Grade Boys (Petermeier/Trent)

Hunter Merritt

Bradyn Schultz

Gage Thorson

Gavin Thorson

5th Grade Boys (Dylan/Taylor)

Toby Gonnerman

Jackson Loge

Brandon Jergenson

6th Grade Boys

Nate Moberg

Gabe Thompson

Entire Team

Jacob Rosendahl

7th Grade Boys (Gieske)

Mason Clark

Sam Olson

Entire Team

7th Grade Boys (Roggenbuck)

Josh Anyasike

Peter Treinen

Peter Treinen

Meet the ECI MVP's

8th Grade Boys (Tangen/Batcher)

Dan Savageau

Brady Bauck

Jordan Riley

Dan Savageau

8th Grade (Cresap/Holleman)

Camden Arndt

Carter Henry

Regan Carlson

Carter Cresap

9th Grade Boys (Voorhees)

Brady Sabolik

Zion Alston

Logan Paulson

Tyson Prentice

10th Grade Boys

Ty Hedman

Tyler Reese

Maxwell Scott

Dennis VanDyke

17 Elite Boys (Goehringer)

Greg Helander

Matt McIver

Sam Anderson
















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