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November 21, 2019

I want to wish everyone the best of luck as you start your 2019-2020 Basketball Season!!  We are looking forward to watching some High School and Junior High Basketball games.

Please note that December 22nd will be the first Wildcat tryout!  We will also conduct a tryout in January and February.  

Final Tryouts will be as follows:

March 1st - Girls grades 4th-7th

March 8th - Boys grades 4-8th and Girls grades 8-11th.

March 15th - Boys 9th - 11th Grade

New players that have questions can call Jodi (320)815-0616 or Taylor (320)815-2441 after 4:30PM.

I will be deleting all of the information from last season from this website in the next couple weeks, so be sure to print off anything you want to save!!






Congrats to the following boys teams on an outstanding weekend in a very tough Prep Hoops State Tournament:

8th Grade Boys Blue (1st Place) - (4-1 Record) MVP = (Dylan Bainbridge and Andrew Walker)

9th Grade Boys Blue (3rd Place)- (3-1 Record) MVP = (Tate Olson and Matt Thompson)

10th Grade Boys (1st Place) - (4-0 Record) MVP = Reid Eckert, Frazee

10th/11th Boys - (0-4 Record) MVP = Payten Kleinhuizen, Maccray

11th Grade Boys - (1-3 Record) MVP = Will Enderson, Benson


MYAS State Tourney

6th Grade Boys Blue (1st Place) - (4-0 Record) - MVP = Zach Dietz, Morris

9th Grade Boys Orange (4th Place) - (2-2 Record) - MVP = TEAM

4th Grade Girls went 1-2 - MVP = Avery Lewison, YME

5th Grade Girls Blue (1st Place) - (3-0 Record) - MVP = Acelynn Hacker, KMS

6th Grade Girls Orange (1st Place) - MVP = TEAM

7th Grade Girls went 2-1 - MVP = (Grace Cardwell & Maycee Gustafson)



I'm getting lots of calls about the Wildcat Camps at UMM PE Center.  The camps are very different than the Wildcat tryouts/practices. We focus on fundamentals and do a lot of team/individual competition.  It is fun for all the Wildcat players to get together again during the summer!!


Results/MVP's May 25th            
4th Grade Boys Record = 2-1 (2nd Place) MVP =  Jonah Janssen, Maccray
5th Grade Boys Record = 3-0 (1st Place) MVP = Gunner Liebl, Dawson Boyd
6th Boys Orange Record = 2-1 (2nd Place) MVP = Alex Ellison and Kade Solem
7th Grade Boys Record = 3-0 (1st Place) MVP = Ethan Riley, Sauk Centre
8th Boys Orange Record = 3-0 (1st Place) MVP = TEAM    
5th Girls Orange Record = 3-0 (1st Place) MVP = TEAM    
6th Girls Blue Record = 2-1 (5th Place) MVP = Tara Nelson, Sisseton  
8th Grade Girls  Record - 0-3 (4th Place) MVP = Hayley Ward, CGB  
9th Grade Blue Record 2-1 (2nd Place) MVP = Holly Bratsch, RCW  
9th Grade Orange Record = 3-0 (1st Place) MVP = TEAM    
9th Grade White Record = 1-2 (4th Place) MVP = Halle Grosz, WCA  
10th/11th Orange  Record = 0-3 (4th Place) MVP =  Brylea Ruff, YME  




Please complete the registration form and code of conduct along with payment of $410 to "West Central Wildcats" --- to Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244.  

IMPORTANT NEWS:  8th Grade Boys Blue, Both 9th Grade Boys, 10th Grade Boys, 10th/11th Grade Boys, and 11th Grade Boys need to pay $450 entry fee this year due to extra tournament


Wildcat Director:  Jodi Holleman (hollemjk@morris.umn.edu) 320-815-0616

Ass't Director - Taylor Holleman 320-815-2441






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