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Daily Announcements:

July 10th, 2017

5 camps and one wedding in the books!!!!  We are currently at CGB this week doing a camp.  Its fun to see all the Wildcats at these camps and at RFC League!!

We do have room in session ONE dribble camp next week (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday).  It is VERY intense and a lot of hard work; however, you improve sooooo much at this camp!!  Session two is full!


Congrats to the following teams on their success this past weekend:

3/4th Girls - 2nd Place  (MVP Tara Nelson, Sisseton)

5th Girls - 2nd Place  (MVP Kaitlyn Staples, Hancock)

6th Girls Blue - 2nd Place (MVP Taylor Viesman, Monte)

9th Girls White - 1st Place (MVP Kairlyn Berreau, Benson - hit 14 treys!!!!)


Girls Results/MVP's from Hardwood ShootOut:


**Girls went 29-9 in the MYAS Hardwood Shootout!!!  Nice JOB!!!!

6th Grade Orange     2-2     3rd Place      (MVP Leslie Murken, Waska)

7th Grade Blue        1-3     -----------     (MVP Mackenzie Stafford, WHN)

7th Grade Orange     3-1     2nd Place     (MVP Keely Foley, Ortonville)

8th Grade Blue        5-0     1st Place      (MVP Macie Lund, LQP)

8th Grade Orange     2-2     3rd Place      (MVP Rudee Hockett, Hawley)

9th Grade Blue        4-0     1st Place      (MVP Avery Bartunek, D-B)

9th Grade Orange     4-1     2nd Place      (MVP Morgan Kisgen, Hancock)

10/11 Grade Blue     4-0     1st Place       (MVP Kelsea Lund, LQP)

10/11 Orange         4-0      1st Place      (MVP Emily Gapinski, Sauk Centre)


Boys Results/MVP's from Hardwood ShootOut

**Boys went 15-10 in the MYAS Hardwood Shootout!!!  Nice JOB!!!!

4/5th Grade Boys     4-0     1st Place      (MVP Davis Patzer, LQP)

6th Grade Blue       3-1      3rd Place      (MVP Mason Hammer, Henning)

6th Grade Orange    1-3      ---------       (MVP Braydon Hofer, WHN)

7th Grade Blue        2-3     4th Place      (MVP Brooks Asche, Maccray)

7th Grade Orange     3-1     4th Place      (MVP Kadin Fokken, Monte)

8th Grade Orange     2-2     5th Place      (MVP Ike Nienhaus, Hancock & Zeke Sather, D-B)

Boys Results/MVP's from the very tough ECI tournament:

8th Grade Blue        2-2         (MVP Adam Tonsfeldt, Barnesville)

9th Grade Boys        0-4         (MVP Steven Lawer, ACGC)

10th Grade Blue       2-2         (MVP Carter Cresap) - 2nd Place in Silver Bracket

10th Grade Orange    1-3         (MVP Cole Reese, Hancock)

11th Grade Elite        2-2         (MVP Isaiah Dorn, Battle Lake)

Please note that I need to know by Friday if your school team plans on participating in the RFC Basketball League this summer.  I plan on making the schedules on Memorial Day.  We are offering a girls scramble league at UMM for girls currently in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.  Please email me if you want the regisration forms.

I have had a lot of people inquire about the Wildcat camps this weekend.  Please note that ALL Wildcat 7th Graders (boys and girls) get to go to BOTH Session 1 & 2 for $65.00.  This is 25 hours of basketall in one week.  This is only for the Main camp (June 19th-23rd).  We did this last year and the Wildcats had a blast hanging out together all week.  I am taking this message down tomorrow as last year I had a lot of non-wildcat athletes sign up for this deal.





Please mail the registration form, code of conduct and check payable to West Central Wildcats to Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244.‚Äč


Jodi Holleman (hollemjk@morris.umn.edu) 320-815-0616
























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