I am back to work at the UMM now!!!!

August 4, 2014

Just wrapped up Camp #9 at LQP this past week and now i am BACK AT WORK!!!  I will start private lessons next week.  Our new fitness center/basketball training center is not ready to go yet, so for now we will do training sessions at the RFC.  Lessons will run from 5:30 PM - 8:30PM (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays).  Cost is $15 per hour.  If there are 2-3 people in a group, we will go 1.5 hours.  All money will be used to purchase supplies for training center.

I want to encourage families/teams to get together for a grill out or gathering yet this summer for some quality bonding time!!

I will start to put a few of the decathlon winners from the Wildcat Camp at UMM on the website:

1st Place Winners:

Pre-School - Ian Grove, Morris

Kindergarten - Tyson Grove, Morris

1st Grade - Davis Patzer, LQP

2nd Grade - Kaitlyn Staples and Brayden Kisgen (tie) - Hancock

3rd Grade - Rylie Lund and Taylor Schelstad, LQP

4th Grade Boys - Zachary Koehl (session three)-Hancock  and Jackson Loge (session two) - Morris

4th Grade Girls - Addy Bonn, LQP

5th Grade Boys - Braden Koosman, LQP

5th Grade Girls - Macie Lund, LQP

6th Grade Boys - Austin Bonn, LQP

6th Grade Girls - Kaitlin Berreau, Benson

7th Grade Boys - Bennett Nienhaus, Hancock

7th Grade Girls - Riley Decker, Morris

I still have a few spots open for Dribbling Camp!  Get your forms in ASAP!

I will try to copy and past the dribble camp registration form onto the website today as people are having a tough time opening it.

6th Grade Boys (Blue) - RJ will play 6th Grade Orange (Tiana/Taylor) at 11:45AM.  If score is lopsided at halftime, we will shift players around to make it FUN!  These teams are listed as 6th Grade eventhough 5th and 7th grade boys are participating.

8th Grade boys will play at 8:30AM - Coach Taylor Holleman

9th Grade boys will play at 10:40AM - Coach Bree Holleman/Amy Balk

10th Grade boys will play at 2:00PM - Coach Jared G.

Remember this tournament is a fundraiser.  We have different coaches and mix of players!  go out there and play hard and HAVE FUN!!  Please give your $20 to Bree Holleman and go to the website and fill out waiver and give to your coach.  Be at the site at LEAST 30 minutes before game time.  Check swminnesotastars.com website early Sunday morning before leaving for Marshall!!  GOOD LUCK!!  Go Wildcats!!

Wildcat FUN practice was a HUGE success!  Bree said her girls were EXTREMELY crazy (right Piper and Kayla??) haha Fun way to end the AAU season.!If you did not get a chance to pick up your AWARD, I will bring them with me on Mondays and Wednesdays to RFC Basketball League and you may pick up there.  If you are missing any clothing that you ordered on this extra order from Graphic Edge, please list it on the message board so I can contact them.

Wildcat camp is FULL FULL FULL!  I will make room for any 16's/17's that want to attend and/or HELP with camp and I do have room for a few more little campers (session 3).

Shooting Camp is filling up quickly!  I will post the days that are FULL as quickly as possible.  Each shooting session is a little bit different.  My goal is to make sure everyone is shooting correctly, tons of reps, and muscle memory.  The athletes will be wearing J-gloves, use weighted balls/Large balls, and reduced rims to improve sharp shooting. 

Oh, and i did NOT quit my accounting job at the UMM Athletic Dept.  Sorry bout that.  I have June and July off to do tons of camps each year.

Unfortunately I cannot do any private lessons this summer, but I will start those back up in August unless I take a varsity coaching job.

DeDe Epema, GBB Coach at Monte confirmed today that the Wildcat Shooting Camp in Monte next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday is open for any interested WildcatsThe Wildcat Dribbling Camp will be in Ortonville on Thursday and Friday.  Shoot me a text or email if interested.

The Regular Wildcat Shooting Camp at UMM is posted on the bottom left of screen. Limit of 35 Campers per day!!

Marshall teams Tentative:

6th Grade Boys Orange:  Cole Sandven, Parker Schmidgall, Sam Olson, Tate Christenson, Tucker Droogsma, Ryder Droogsma, Austin Bonn, Mason Clark, Nickelas Lupkes, Nate Moberg Coaches: Taylor Holleman and Tiana Christenson

6th/7th Grade Boys:  Gavin Larson, Jacob Fath, Matty Miller, Christian Bartz, Kolton Lindblad, Bennett Nienhaus Caden Bjornjeld, Grant Euteneuer. Coach: RJ Dean

8th Grade Boys: Alex Swenson, Cole Kosbab, Mason Schmidgall, Camden Andrews, Ryan Blake, Tristan Thompson, Brodey Rochel, Regan Carlson, Weston Gjerde, Camden Arndt, Jaret Johnson, Noah Thorson. Coach: Taylor Holleman

9th Grade Boys: Dennis VanDyke, Jacob Zosel, Britton Conroy, Zack Sonnabend, Layton Connelly, Nate Treinen, Ben Nordmark, Ty Hedman, Lukus Manska. Coach: Bree Holleman/Amy Balk

10th/11th Grade Boys: Logan Kisgen, Ethan Streich, Jarrett Werner, Bryce Schmidgall, Mathew Biegler, Justin Masloki, Greg Helander, Jaxton Henning, Skyler Meiners  Coach: Jared

Team 1 Varsity Blue Girls: Ashley Just, Kaitlin Connor, Hannah Ricard, Nicole Erickson, Abby VK, Justine Lee, Annabelle Haarstad, Courtney Erickson,Doranna Blascyk,  Abby Oberg, Becca Holland, Molly Doyle. Coaches: Amy and Alison

Team 2 Varsity Orange Girls: Abby Olson, Jess Lupkes, Kayla Feldhake, Kiyana Miller, Piper Gibson, Victoria Pagel, Presley Gonnerman, Megan Bensinger, Rachel Martinson, Maggie Slagle, Taniah Tosel, Kelsea Lund.  Coach: Bree Holleman / Dan Miller

Forgot to list results from Saturday:  1st Place (both 5th Grade Girls teams) 2nd Place: 6th Grade Girls, 8th Grade Girls (Orange), 8th Grade boys, 9th Grade boys Blue,  3rd Place - 9th Grade Girls (Orange), 7th Grade Boys (Tangen), while 7th Grade Girls went 2-1 along with 17 Elite Girls.

The Wildcats had A LOT of success this past weekend!!!!  I will list outcomes and MVP's as soon as possible!!

4th Grade Boys MVPs (Toby Gonnerman, Bauer Klimek, Hunter Conn)

5th Grade Blue Girls (Emma Bowman, Alex Stitt, Co-MVP Morgan Kisgen/Megan Blake)

5th Grade Orange Girls (Alexis Berger, Jaya Hatlestad, Ana Marquardt)

5th/6th Combo boys (Nate Moberg, Sam Olson, CoMVP-Marerick Conn/Tate Christenson)

6th Grade Girls (Claire Ricard, C0-MVP Abbie Mittness/Annie Bowser, Emily Ross)

6th Grade Boys Orange (JJ Sabolik, Grant Jensen)

6th Grade Boys Blue (Peyton Grant, Gavin Larson)

7th Grade Boys (Batcher) - (Eean Allpress, Camden Arndt, Kolten Lindblad)

7th Grade Boys (Tangen)

8th Grade Girls Orange (Rachel Roers, Cheyenne Baumgart, Amanda Dreschel)

8th Grade Girls White (Rachel Erickson, Kelsea Lund, Emma Schmidt)

8th Grade Boys (Parker Dierks, Brady Sabolik, Alex Swenson)

9th Grade Girls Orange (Sabrina Mattson, Correy Hickman, Kayla Feldhake)

9th Grade Girls Blue (Maggie Slagle, Molly Doyle, Jaycee Ross)

9th Grade Boys Orange (Ryan Bowman, Tristan Thompson) Team was named MVP in Game #3 with NICE team Victory!

9th Grade Boys Blue (Layton Connelly, Nate Treinen, Jacob Zosel)

10th Grade Boys (Skyler Meiners, Sam Anderson, Bryce Schmidgall)

10th Grade Girls (Annabelle Haarstad, Alexis Schmitz, Abby Oberg)

17 Elite Boys (Greg Helander, Skyler Quinn, Skyler Meiners)

17 Elite Girls (Justine Lee, Doranna Blasyk, Abby VanKempen)

Practice at Morris Area School on Wednesday at 6PM - 4th Grade Girls, 4th Grade Boys, both 5th Grade Girls, and 8th Grade Girls (Blue).  Waiting to hear from Marshall b4 scheduling the rest.

I am guessing all the teams that will be playing this weekend will want to have practice on Wednesday along with some of the teams that will be participating in the Bigler Tourney.  I still do not know for sure how many teams we get to bring to this tourney.  I emailed the Director again this morning.  I have coaches lined up and just need to form rosters.  Those that signed up on the message board first will get priority!

Please do not fax or email or text me wildcat camp registrations.  I need to have the registration and check before it will be accepted.  A lot of my UMM emails go to SPAM/junk so i dont get them.  Also, this is my last week of work at UMM so I only check email at home in the evenings.

Graphic Edge Gear arrived yesterday!  I gave out some of the items last night and I have the rest here at work with me if you want to pick it up!

Shooting Camp Registration forms will come out next week.  The one on the website is from last year.  Shooting camp and Dribbling camp each go five days this year and you can go one day or all five ($25 per day).

Bring those report cards again this weekend to the MYAS Super Saver Tournament.  Coaches be sure to bring your coaching pass.  Parents try to get your son/daughter to the game site at least a half hour before game time.

Wildcat Basketball Camp Registration is READY on the left link.  Last year the camp filled up in 3 days!!!  7th Grade Boys and Girls get to come to session 1 and session 2 for one price of $60..

On May 31st/June 1st, we will have both 4th Grade Boys and Girls and both 5th Grade Girls teams participating in MYAS Tournament in the Twin Cities.

17 Elite Girls go 4-1 at MYAS Tournament!!  Abby VanKempen MVP!!!!!!!!!!

I still have players who have NOT paid their $395 entry fee.  You will NOT be allowed to play this weekend if you have not paid.

I was also very disappointed to hear that we had Wildcat parents yelling negative comments at our players and the coaching staff at the ECI tournament.  There is a good chance that your athlete will not be allowed to play next season.

Bigler Tournament - The wildcats will have a 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, and 10/11 combined at the tourney.  The first 10 to sign up will get to go.  Only $25.00 each.  The Wildcats will also have three varsity girls teams participating.  The first 10 wildcats that signed up on the message board will get to go.  If you signed up already, you are good to go!  You may end up with a different coach that day!

So far, the following have expressed interest in practice this week:  7th Grade Boys (Batcher) both Wed. and Thursday, 7th Grade boys (Tangen) - Wednesday.  8th Grade girls blue, orange, white (Wednesday).  16/17 boys (Wednesday).  both 5th grade girls teams (Wednesday). 9th Grade girls (blue/orange) - Wednesday.

4th grade girls will practice next week.

Still waiting for results and MVP's from this past weekend!  The 9th Grade boys (blue) went 3-2 on the weekend for 3rd Place.

EXTRA tournament Opportunity.  I'm sure that a lot of you are aware that Coach Bigler's (SmSU) infant son was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver near Starbuck, MN recently.  Since we have so many SmSU coaches this year, I would like to support the Drake Bigler Memorial Invite on Sunday, June 8th.  This is for Boys grades 6-12 and Girls grades 8-12.  If there is enough interest for 7th Grade girls, i might bump you up.  I am going to only charge $25 per athlete to participate and the Club will donate the rest.  It will be up to the parents if they want to donate a little $$ towards the coach that day as they only get paid to do 4 tournaments by the Wildcats.  !

Coaches, remember you need to get in 20 hours of practice time with team or individual workouts!

Have had a lot of inquires about the Wildcat Camps at UMM.  The week of June 16th is the Shooting Camp, Wildcat Camp is the week of June 23rd, and Dribbling Camp is the week of July 14th.  You cannot register until the form hits the website, so please do not call.  Wildcats get priority for these camps!

All teams will participate in the MYAS Super Saver on May 24th EXCEPT 8th Grade Blue Girls and 4th Grade Girls and 5th Grade boys.

5th Grade Girls will participate on May 24th Super Saver AND May 31st/June 1st Spring Championship Trny in Twin Cities. Last Year over 200 teams participated in this tournament.  4th Grade Girls and boys will compete on May 31st/June 1st.

Wildcat Girls need to turn in their journals to coaching staff this weekend so they can write in them!t.

I will try to keep everyone posted of results on twitter this weekend!!  (WcWildCatS14).

You can find schedule for MYAS tournament at http://www.myas.org/       (click on basketball on top, then Gopher State Spring Basketball, then scroll down to May 3rd/May 4th (Super Saver) and click on teams/schedules and then find the Wildcat team) 

We still have numerous players that have not paid the AAU fee of $395.  You will not be allowed to participate this weekend if you have not made an attempt to set some type of payment plan up with Jodi Holleman.

Please put your AAU numbers on the message board ASAP so I can forward to Fury director.  Wildcat Club Code = WW3FA9

Visit http://www.aaugirlsbasketball.org/ to purchase an AAU Card.

Send Registration fee ($395) to:  Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave., Hancock, MN  56244 (payable to West Central Wildcats)



















MVP's from ECI Tournament:

7th Grade (RJ) - Jordan Riley, (Milbank)

7th Grade (Batcher) - Josh Anyasike (Dawson-Boyd)

8th Grade - Tate Nelson, (Morris Area)

9th Grade Blue - Layton Connelly, (Benson)

9th Grade Orange - Brodey Rocholl, (Underwood)

10th Grade - Sam Anderson (Brandon-Evansville)

11th Grade - Skyler Meiners (Parkers Prairie)










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