March 30th, 2015

7th and 8th Grade Boys are split.  Please note that these rosters are subject to change!

6th Grade Boys will practice at Morris School on Wednesday at 7:30PM

4th Grade Girls will have practice in Starbuck on Wednesday at 6:30PM.

7th Grade Girls and 9th Grade Girls Orange will practice at WCA (Barrett) on Tuesday at 6PM.

9th grade girls (Blue & Orange) will practice in Starbuck on Thursday at 6:30PM.

5th Grade Boys will tentatively practice in Hancock on Wednesday at 6PM.

7th Grade Boys will tentatively practice at the RFC on Tuesday (still waiting to hear if gym open).

8th Grade Boys (Tangen/Batch) will tentatively practice on Wednesday at Morris Area School at 7:30PM.

5th Grade Girls will practice at WCA (Barrett) on Thursday at 6PM

Good Morning!!!  Thanks to all the MOMS that helped hand out the Wildcat shorts last night!  Another great night of Wildcat practices Sunday Night!  I will post the 7th and 8th Grade boys teams on my noon hour today.

NO PRACTICES tonight!  I will be checking with coaches today to see IF/When they want to have practie this week and will post immediately.  Please DO NOT skip church or Spring Sport to come to practice.  NO PRACTICES FRIDAY, SATURDAY or SUNDAY for EASTER!!

Please welcome the following 9th Graders to Wildcat Basketball:  Emily Gapinski (Sauk Centre), Logan Paulson (WCA) and Nick Fenske (Lakeview), Sarah Schmitz (BBE).

I decided NO practice over Easter Weekend.  Last year we practiced Saturday.  I would rather that you spend time with your families!!  I will put a workout on the Web for that Week.

I'm still working on dividing the teams fairly.  Please note that once they are divided, they are still subject to change.

I am still looking for one 10th grade boy, and an Elite guard for the girls team.  Let me know if you have any ideas?

Please note that we would like ALL 237 Wildcats to complete the Wildcat Workout at least once this week and bring to your coach on Sunday.  Do it twice for extra credit!!  Please have your parent sign at the bottom indicating that you completed the Workout.  4th/5th graders should take a step in when shooting 3-pointers.

Tentative Schedule (Please note that this could change depending on availability of coaches/players).  Remember I try to schedule two difficult tournaments and two easier tournaments.  Some of the older teams might get an extra tournament.

Boys and Girls Grades 6-11 will be participating in the Comet Shoot Out April 18/19.  Boys and Girls 4th and 5th Grade will participate at the Ronald McDonald House Tourney in the Twin Cities on April 18/19.  IF you have a player in 4th or 5th grade and booked a room in St. Cloud, please let me know as I have a lot of families trying to find lodging.

Girls Grades 4-11 will participate in the Spring Fury AAU Tourney April 25/26 while Boys Grades 4-11 will participate at the Spring Challenge in the Twin Cities.  Some of the older boys/girls may have prom this weekend; therefore, if you are missing a lot of players, you will participate in the Super Saver Tourney May 2nd or May 3rd.  

Boys Grades 7-11 will participate in the ECI tourney May 16/17 in Fargo while boys  grades 4,5,6 will participate in the MYAS Invitational.  Girls grades 4-11 will also compete in the MYAS Invitational.

The final tournament will be coaches choice (either May 23 - Super Saver) or May 30/31 Spring Championship (depending on availability of players).

Each team will participate in four tournaments and guaranteed at least 20 hours of practice!

Once you make a team, you can start mailing your registration fee of $395, registration form, and Code of Conduct to Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244.  We do have a credit card machine now at the Wildcat Office at Holleman Fitness Center. 



Meet the Girls Coaching Staff:

4th Grade:  DeDe Epema, Head GBB Coach at Montevideo

5th Grade: Tiana Christenson and Sami Schmidgall (Ass't Jodi Holleman)

6th Grade:  Kristi Klassen (Ass't GBB Coach at YME), Kallie Grote, Leah Peterson

7th Grade:  Chelsea Voorhees, Kaylee Voorhees, Kim Voorhees, Christina Kruize

8th Grade:  Sam Lange, Ass't GBB Coach at Brandon-Evansville

9th Grade:  Bree Holleman, Jodi Holleman

10th Grade:  Cody Emrick, Dan Miller, Phil Rudney (Ass't WBB Coach at UMM)

17 Elite:  Amy Balk, Phil Rudney (both Ass't WBB Coaches at UMM)














































Meet the Boys Coaching Staff:

5th Grade:  Kyle Petermeier, Trent Johnson, Dylan Erickson, Taylor Holleman

6th Grade:  Collin Cunningham, Chad Rohloff, Ass't BBB Coach at Hancock

7th Grade:  Joe Roggenbuck, Jordan Geiske, John Haseman

8th Grade:  Dave Cresap, Head BBB Coach at Perham, Nate Holleman, Stephen Batcher, Oray Tangen

9th Grade:  Joel Voorhees (C-team Coach at LQP)

10th Grade:  RJ Dean (Senior on MBB team/MEB Camp Assistant)

17 Elite:  Jared Goehringer and Brodie Raymond (Ass't MBB Coach at UMM)

















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