Parent Code of Conduct

I feel it is extremely important that parents be supportive of the coach, players, officials, and their own son/daughter.  Please review the code of conduct below and sign at the bottom and return to me prior to the first tournament.

Wildcat Code of Conduct:

*I will not yell at the officials.

*I will not yell at the coaching staff.

*I will not yell at the players or my own son/daughter.

*I will encourage all of the players before and after the game.

*I will not yell out instructions to my own son/daughter or any of the players. (I will be telling my coaching staff that they should put your athlete on the bench if you are yelling out instructions)  You do not know what the offensive or defensive PLAN may be of the coach.  We cannot have the players looking to you for instructions while playing.

*I will encourage my son/daughter to ASK the coach if they have questions or concerns.  Parents are NOT allowed to ask the coach anything.

*If your son/daughter misses a practice, the coach does NOT owe them a private lesson to catch up unless it was an emergency.  We had A LOT of athletes missing for dance, piano, birthday parties, etc and thought the coach should do a lesson.

*I realize that playing time is earned and that there is NO guarantee of playing time.  I will encourage coaches to try to get all of the players into the game, but sometimes it does not happen.

*I realize that $475 covers 5 tournament and at least 15 hours of practice whereby the coaching staff will really push fundamentals.

*I realize that a lot of these coaches are young and Jodi Holleman will be mentoring them into excellent coaches.

*I also realize that these coaches do not make a lot of money coaching AAU.  Please give them a break and encourage them!

*I know that it is my responsibility to get my son/daughter to all of the tournaments at least a half hour before game time and I need to find lodging and provide food to my athlete.


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