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MAY 23rd, 2019 

Practice tonight (Thursday)

4th Grade Girls at RFC (far court) - 6:30PM-8:30PM

Friday - 9th Grade Girls Blue--need help finding gym space.  Wheaton???

Saturday Morning - (Morris Elementary School) - 6th Grade Boys Blue, 8th Grade Boys, Both 9th Grade Boys, 10th Grade Boys and 10/11th Boys.  We will have Pizza right after practice.  Be sure to pick up any gear and MVP trophies after practice.



Results/MVP's May 18th/19th            
7th Grade Girls Record = 3-1  (2nd Place) MVP = Ezrah Baker, Underwood
10th/11th Girls Orange Record = 0-4   MVP = Elizabeth Murken, Waska
6th Grade Boys Blue Record = 1-3  (ECI) MVP = Drew Duininck, CMCS  
6th Grade Boys Orange Record = 3-2 (3rd Place) MVP = Isaac Ellison and Kyle Kremer
7th Grade Boys Record = 4-1 (2nd Place) MVP = Isaac Post, Maccray  
8th Grade Boys Blue Record = 3-1  (ECI) MVP = Grant Dawson, WHN  
8th Grade Boys Orange Record = 2-2 (5th Place) MVP = TEAM    
9th Grade Boys Blue Record = 3-1  (ECI) MVP = Brandon Jergenson, Morris
9th Grade Boys Orange Record = 3-2 (2nd Place) MVP = Cole Wente, Morris  
10th Grade Boys Record = 2-2 (2nd Place) MVP = Jayden Rutherford, Pelican Rapids
10th/11th Boys Blue Record = 2-2  (5th Place) MVP = Braden Pickle ACGC  
11th Grade Boys Record = 2-2   (ECI) MVP = Caden Osborn and Dawson Miller



Please let me know ASAP if your hometown school team wants to participate in RFC basketball league in Morris this summer.  We have a Boys (Varsity, JV, and JH) and Girls (JV and JH). It is always fun watching the Wildcats compete against each other!!



Please complete the registration form and code of conduct along with payment of $410 to "West Central Wildcats" --- to Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244.  

IMPORTANT NEWS:  8th Grade Boys Blue, Both 9th Grade Boys, 10th Grade Boys, 10th/11th Grade Boys, and 11th Grade Boys need to pay $450 entry fee this year due to extra tournament


Wildcat Director:  Jodi Holleman (hollemjk@morris.umn.edu) 320-815-0616

Ass't Director - Taylor Holleman 320-815-2441






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