More Questions:

Where is the Comet ShootOUT?  In St. Cloud

If my son or daughter was on a Wildcat Team last year, will they automatically be on a team again?  NO!  Everyone will need to try out again.

Do they need to come to ALL four tryouts?  NO!  But you do have an opportunity to improve your score each time that you come and a chance to work on your fundamentals.

Why dont you have a clipboard and take notes during tryouts?  I know the majority of the athletes and most of them have attended my camps or have had private lessons so I already know the ability of these boys/girls. 

Will you be accepting credit cards?  NO

Will the uniforms be the same?  YES

Will the entry fee be the same?  NO - After all these years, we raised it from $395 - $410 due to increases in gym rent.