Wildcat Shooting Routine   
Individual Workout     
   1   2  3
Mikan (One Minute) - Put the ball on each block

Score IT (30)  Right and Left (Don't let ball hit the ground-- Reverse Score it  (15)
Elbow (Make 15 on each side)     
Wing (Make 15 on each side)     
Baseline (make 15 on each side)    
LayUp Cone (Rt)-One minute     
LayUp Cone (Lt) - One Minute     
Free-Throws (MAKE 25)     
Elbow Lay UPS      
1-minute lay-up     
1-minute w/head fake     
1-minute w/cross over     
Swish (Make 25 right/25 left)     
Treys (Make 20)     
15 Triangle Push-Ups     
15 OUT Push-Ups     
15 Regular Push-Ups     
10 - on the ball     

Go for a mile run or run some sprints to stay in shape