Results/MVP's for Girls (May 6th/7th) are as follows:

3/4th Grade         0-3     -------------          (MVP  Teagan Epema, Monte and Ella Hockett, Hawley)

5th Grade           2-2      4th Place         (MVP  Kenadee Gray, Barnesville and Kiera Foley, Ortonville)

6th Grade Blue     3-2      4th Place         (MVP  Jessica Moberg, CGB)

6th Grade Orange  3-0     1st Place         (MVP  Claire Stark, WCA)

7th Grade Blue      3-0     1st Place         (MVP  Ainsley Hansen, Fergus Falls)

7th Grade Orange  1-2      5th Place        (MVP  Hailey (shooter) Nelson, Sisseton)

8th Grade Blue      5-0      1st Place        (MVP  Mackenzie Jones, Willmar)

8th Grade Orange   1-2     5th Place       (MVP  Alex Stitt, LQP)

9th Grade Blue      3-1     3rd Place       (MVP  Kayla Rocholl, Underwood)

9th Grade Orange   2-1     2nd Place       (MVP  Hailey Bennett, WCA)

Overall Record this past weekend = 23-13!!


Results/MVP's for Boys (May 6th/7th) are as follows:

4th/5th Grade         3-1    2nd Place         (MVP  Drew Hjelmeland, Dawson-Boyd)

6th Grade Blue      1-2    --------------        (MVP  Grant Dawson, Wheaton)

6th Grade Orange    0-3   --------------        (MVP  Amos Sather, Dawson-Boyd)

7th Grade Blue       3-1    2nd Place      (MVP  Kaden Boike, Monte)

7th Grade Orange    3-2    5th Place       (MVP  Peyton Peterson, Barnesville)

8th Grade Blue       1-2    -------------         (MVP  Jacob Rosendahl, Willmar)

8th Grade Orange    2-2    -------------        (MVP  Payton Kleinhuzen, Willmar)

9th Grade Boys      0-3    -------------        (MVP  Cade Fehr, Morris)

10th Grade Blue      2-1     2nd Place     (MP  Camden Arndt)

10th Grade Orange  1-2   ------------         (MVP  Peyton Rohloff, Hancock)

10th/11th Boys       1-2     ------------        (MVP's  Kolten Lindblad, D-B, Gavin Paulson, WCA)

11th Grade Blue      2-1    2nd Place      (MVP  Brady Sabolik, WCA)

Overall Record this past weekend 19-22 (Please note that most of the wildcat blue teams participated in the tough Div 1/2 Heat tourney and competed very well)!!

Results of MYAS Box Out for Breast Cancer:

Congrats to the 10/11th Girls Blue on getting 1st Place in the MYAS Box Out for Breast Cancer Tournament this past weekend.  The 10th/11th Girls Orange got 2nd Place in their division.  MVP for the Blue team is Sydney Hovland (Underwood) and MVP for the Orange team is Amanda Mathiasen (Willmar).  Nice Job!!!