May 5/6th Highlights:  Congrats to the MYAS Champions this past weekend:  8th Grade Girls Orange, 9th Grade Girls Blue, and 10/11th Grade Girls Blue!!!!  5th Grade Girls Blue placed second and 10th/11th Orange placed 3rd!!!!  Our studly 7th Grade Boys went 3-1 in a tough Meg Vang tournament!!

May 12th/13th Results:

Congrats to the 6th Grade Girls Orange on placing 2nd in the Box Out Breast Cancer tourney this past weekend (MVP = Elizabeth Lukken, Underwood) , the 8th Grade Girls Blue went 2-2 Co-MVP = (Keely Foley and Hannah Stark).  The 4th Grade Boys went up against some Tough Competition and went 0-3 (MVP = Jonah Huebner, Morris Area) and the 6th Grade Boys went 2-2 for 3rd Place (MVP = Jared Cortez, KMS)


West Central Wildcat Results (May 5th/6th)

5th Grade   0-3 (MYAS)   Drew Hjelmeland, Dawson-Boyd
7th Grade   3-1 (Meg Vang)   Nathan Fenske, Lakeview
8th Grade   1-2 (Meg Vang)   Luke Joos, Hancock
8th/9th Grade   0-3 (MYAS)   Brian Lauthen, B/E  
9th Grade Blue   2-1 (Meg Vang)   Cole Hedman, Benson
10th Grade Boys   1-2 (MYAS)   Cade Fehr, Morris
11th Grade Orange   0-3 (Meg Vang)   Jason Henrickson, Barnesville
11th Grade Blue   1-2 (Meg Vang)   Noah Glad, Hawley
4th Grade Blue 4th Place MYAS 1-3   Lilia Donnelly, Hawley
4th Grade Orange   MYAS 0-3   Ryla Koehler, Morris  
5th Grade Blue 2nd Place MYAS 2-1   Ruby Rice, Sisseton
5th Grade Orange   MYAS 1-2   Addison Staples, WCA
6th Grade Blue 4th Place MYAS 1-2   Kenadee Gray & Abby John, Barnesville
7th Grade 4th Place  MYAS 2-2   Zoe Schroeder, Willmar
8th Grade Orange 1st Place MYAS 4-0   Josey Bugbee, Underwood
        Jessica Moberg, CGB
9th grade Blue 1st Place MYAS 3-0   Aubrey Kaczmarck, Lakeview
9th Grade Orange 4th Place MYAS 1-2   Kimmy Pagel, Benson  
        Jenna Kannegeiser, Hancock  
10th/11th Orange 3rd Place MYAS 3-1   Emily Ross, Ortonville
10th/11th Blue 1st Place MYAS 3-0   Kaitlyn Berreau, Benson



Overall Record 21-16