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West Central Wildcat Official Registration Form (2018)

Name_________________________________________                          Grade_______________

Address_______________________________________              Birthdate_____________

Town_______________________   Zip code____________         Position_________

Home Phone_____________________________  Cell (parents)_____________________

Email___________________________________  Cell (player)______________________­

High School______________________________  High School Coach_________________


Health Insurance (Carrier, insured’s name, Policy Number)___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Family Physician________________________________  Phone_________________________________


Please make your check or money order payable to:  West Central Wildcat Basketball ($395.00) and mail directly to Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244 by
April 2nd!  This year we do have a credit card terminal at our Fitness Center.  We are usually at the Fitness Center in the evenings and on the weekends.  If you are having difficulty paying the total amount, please talk to Coach Holleman about making payments.  Players will also be paying for their Nike Reversible/Nike Shorts on Sunday, March 6th.  (Cost = $65.00).  Please do not merge the Uniform check and registration fee check.


Playing time will be earned.  Practices will be intense.  All Players WILL IMPROVE!!


I give my son/daughter permission to play for the “West Central Wildcat” team.  I understand the fees that I am responsible to pay are due by April 2nd, 2016.  I also know and accept the policy that there will be no refunds after the first team practice should my daughter decide not to play or is unable to participate for whatever reason.  Additionally, I agree to release the “West Central Wildcat” staff and all participating school districts and gym sites of all liability related to accidents or injuries which might occur while my son/daughter is playing WC Wildcat Basketball.  I also give permission for emergency medical procedures to be administered if I cannot be contacted in the event of an emergency.


_______________________________________________                        Date___________



_______________________________________________                        Date___________



Website:   www/

Administrator:  Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave., Hancock, MN  56244  (Home phone 320-392-5162)

Cell phone (320-815-0616). Please call between 6-8:30pm.  (Do not call me at work).



All travel to and from practices/tournaments and motel costs will be arranged and paid for by each participant's parents. Coaches do not transport any parents or players. Parents are encouraged to carpool whenever possible to decrease costs. Parents not going to an individual tournament will make arrangement with another family for their athlete's transportation.