April 22nd, 2021

Coaches:  Let Tiana know if you need any uniforms for the upcoming weekend.  Please note that we are doing the best we can to get these uniforms out to all the Wildcat players.  We apologize if you did not get the number/size that you requested, but WE did not get the sizes that we requested on our end.

Practices Thursday and Friday as follows:

THURSDAY - (Tiger Center) - (6:30PM - 8:30PM) - 6th Grade Girls Orange, Both 5th Grade Girls, 5th Grade Boys Orange

FRIDAY - (6:00PM-8:00PM) - 8th Grade Girls (Tiger Center North Court),  and 5th Grade Boys Blue and 6th Grade Boys Orange (Morris High School gym)


Coaches/Parents:  Please pay your $25 cash at practice if you can this week for your wristband for the Fury Tournament.  We get 18 Max per team.  

Coaches/Parents of Ronald McDonald MYAS - I already paid the wristband entry fee ahead of time.  Parents need to pay the Coach $10 for the wristband at the tournament location.  Coaches will bring funds back to Jodi or Taylor after the tournament. If you need help with your roster/waiver form, contact DeDe Epema, Administrative Wildcat Assistant.  We get 16 Max per team.

Wildcats are looking for one 4th grade girl, one 5th grade girl, one 8th grade boy (White team), and two 9th/10th boys!!!



Just to clarify where everyone is competing this upcoming weekend (April 24/25)

Boys:  Pentagon (6th Blue, 8th Blue, 10th Holleman, 11th Erickson)

Boys:  Fury (6th Orange, 7th Orange, 8th White, and 9th Rohloff)

Boys:  MYAS Ronald McDonald (Both 4th, Both 5th, and 9/10th) - Saturday Only

Boys:  MN Select (7th Blue, 8th Orange, 11th Orange)

Girls:  All Girls will be at the Fury Trny except (7th Blue, 7th Orange, and 7th White)


The Wildcat Teams did AWESOME in a very tough Comet Shoot Out Tournament this past weekend as follows:

5th Grade Boys Blue (1-3), 6th Grade Boys Blue (3-1), 7th Grade Boys Blue (2-2), 8th Grade Boys Blue (2-2), 8th Grade Boys Orange (2-2), 10th Grade Boys Blue (3-1), 11th Grade Boys Blue (3-1); 7/8 Elite Girls (3-1), 8th Grade Girls (2-2), 9th Grade Girls Blue (1-3), 10th Grade Girls Blue Elite (3-1), 10th Grade Girls Orange (1-3), and 11th Grade Girls (1-3).  Super Proud of all of the Teams and Coaching Staff!!!  Overall Record 27-25!!!




Once you have completed the Form, you can mail it with your $425 fee to West Central Wildcats, C/O Jodi Holleman, 94 Washington Ave, Hancock, MN  56244. Please do not pay for uniforms until you pick them up.

We have a West Central Wildcat email as follows:  wildcatswestcentral@gmail.com  If you have any questions or want a different size uniform/shorts, please use this email. 

Jodi Holleman cell 320-815-0616



Wildcat Registration fee = $425.

Some teams will be playing in extra tournaments and will need to pay more.

Uniform fee = Jersey ($44) and Shorts ($30)


Wildcat Director:  Jodi Holleman (hollemjk@morris.umn.edu) 320-815-0616

Ass't Director - Taylor Holleman 320-815-2441

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