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Michelle   mtonsfeldt@hotmail.com
04-12-2017 7:16:56 PM CST
Adam will Not be at practice on Saturday as we are out of town.

Andrea Westra   andreaspray_24@hotmail.com
04-12-2017 9:05:56 AM CST
Gauge Liebl 8th grade Orange, won't be at practice on Saturday. HE is having Easter with his other side of the family that day. Thanks Drea

Holly Thorson   hollyd.thorson75@gmail.com
04-09-2017 9:15:30 PM CST
7th grade boys orange, my daughter took a bunch of pictures this weekend and tried to get pictures of all the boys. If you are interested in any of them, send me your email and I can go through them and send you the pictures that your son is in. ( Maybe include the jersey number in your email, some are from behind and I am still learning a few names :p)

Andrea   Westra
04-07-2017 11:25:23 AM CST
Do you know when the shooting shirts will be in? Thanks Drea

Janet Pagel   jpagel@christiansoncpa.com
04-06-2017 4:38:10 PM CST
The shorts and jerseys we have are taken for this weekend. Good luck to all the teams!

Chis Andrews
04-06-2017 3:32:34 PM CST
Have a youth xlarge pair of shorts if someone needs to borrow them for the weekend. U can text me at 320 297-0522.

Kim Rosendahl   kimrosendahl@yahoo.com
04-06-2017 11:53:13 AM CST
Looking for 2 -Medium shorts for this weekend tournaments. 320-212-3456

Barb Petron   barb@electricalsolutionsinc.com
04-06-2017 10:44:14 AM CST
We have a Youth Extra Large Jersey and Short #21, some could borrow this weekend if needed. We also have a women's small jersey #13 the could use. you can text me 320-237-3871 and I live in the St Cloud Area, so I could bring it to you.

Janet   Pagel
04-06-2017 10:36:45 AM CST
We have 2 womans large uniform shorts if anyone needs/wants to borrow. We also have 2 Womans Jersey's Number 40 if needed. You can text me at 320-444-0646

Barb Petron   barb@electricalsolutionsinc.com
04-06-2017 10:27:16 AM CST
Jordan Petron-8th Grade Cunningham can not make practice tonight-He was asked o play in the JV Baseball game tonight.

Jodi Tongen   tjtongen@mvtvwireless.com
04-06-2017 10:15:11 AM CST
Bryce (8th grade Cunningham) has a track meet tonight, plans on coming to practice but will be late.

Maureen Ricard   Fearlessreen@aol.com
04-05-2017 1:25:07 PM CST
Claire Ricard has religion tonight and will not be able to make practice

Chad Bartunek   bjc20fan72@yahoo.com
04-05-2017 10:27:41 AM CST
Avery will not be at practice tonight as she has Confirmation and Lent services.

Patrick Hockett   patrickhockett@hotmail.com
04-05-2017 8:35:29 AM CST
Rudee and Ella Hockett won't be at Wildcat practice this week.

Holly & Jenny   dbratsch@rcw.k12.mn.us
04-05-2017 7:49:29 AM CST
What are these AAU cards you mentioned?

Christine Stafford    Dcstafford@mchsi.com
04-04-2017 5:52:47 PM CST
Macki and Ellissa are at track and will be a few minutes late.. Lesley has a softball game tonight so can't make it.. thanks!

Barb Petron   barb@electricalsolutionsinc.com
04-04-2017 10:40:38 AM CST
Jordan Petron 8th Grade Orange-Cunningham will be late for practice on Thursday. He has baseball until 5, my best guess is we arrive by 7, but we will be there!!!

Missy Myron-Rustan   missymr@farmandhomeoil.com
04-04-2017 9:58:49 AM CST
Elizabeth Rustan, 7th Grade Blue, will try to be at practice if her softball game gets done early enough. However, she will for sure be late. She will not make it if practice is in Starbuck.

Nicole Hansen   rntarhansen@gmail.com
04-03-2017 8:06:44 PM CST
Ainsley Hansen (7th blue) will not be at practice tomorrow because she has a track meet.

Heidi Bright   habtab@runestone.net
04-03-2017 3:21:01 PM CST
Lexi Bright, 7th grade blue team, will probably not make it to practice on Tuesday night. She has a softball game in Ashby and I don't think we would be done in time to make it to Morris. This will be the case every Tuesday:(

Bailey S   Jschoenbb@hotmail.com
04-03-2017 2:14:40 PM CST
Bailey girls 8th grade orange will not be at practice on Thursday .... she has a Varsity track meet that night! Thanks

Nicole Hansen   rntarhansen@gmail.com
04-03-2017 12:00:24 PM CST
Ainsley Hansen (7th blue) should be getting size small shorts and I saw your note about mediums and larges. Just checking to see if there is a size small available for her? Thanks!

Kelly Hauge   kellyhauge@tds.net
04-02-2017 10:19:14 PM CST
If anyone has a hotel room in St Cloud for next weekend that you are not using we would be interested in it, Email or text/ call 320-815-0533 thanks

Sarah Dawson
04-02-2017 8:55:33 PM CST
Do we know where the boys sixth grade blue team is practicing on Monday night April 3rd?

Clint Bonn   bonndc@frontiernet.net
04-02-2017 10:19:35 AM CST
Austin Bonn (9th grade) will not be at practice today.

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