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Brent Wolf   bkwolf@gctel.com
04-11-2016 10:58:37 AM CST
Jodi, if you are still looking for a 7th grade girl could you please give me a call. 320 766-1323

Brent Wolf   bkwolf@gctel.com
04-11-2016 10:57:48 AM CST
Jodi, if you are still looking for a 7th grade girl could you please give me a call.

Eli Reeve   ehhreeve@runestone.net
04-11-2016 10:00:05 AM CST
Jodi, any chance we will be able to order Wildcat clothing again soon? Thanks

Danna Golden   d_g780@yahoo.com
04-08-2016 1:35:22 PM CST
James Golden will not be at practice Friday he has baseball.

Wildcat Twitter
04-08-2016 8:42:19 AM CST
Follow us on Twitter @WCWildcatsbball for Wildcat updates, game results, and much more! Coaches make sure to tweet results at our account.

Wendy Sandven
04-07-2016 8:11:47 PM CST
Cole Sandven will not be at practice on Friday. He has a baseball game.

Irene Anyasike   ireneanyasike@yahoo.com
04-07-2016 7:25:51 PM CST
Joshua Anyasike will not be at practice today. (9th grade boys Orange) Thank you!

Hollie Thompson   hollie.thompson5@gmail.com
04-07-2016 9:08:23 AM CST
Blake Thompson received a uniform that is too big. Men's small. Does anyone have anything smaller for him? Thanks Hollie Thompson 507 829-1334

Melanie Stegner
04-06-2016 5:27:39 PM CST
Madysen won't be able to make practice tonight in Hancock as we have church activities on Wednesday nights. I apologize!

Jenny Rocholl   jlrocholl@gmail.com
04-06-2016 2:59:05 PM CST
Kayla Rocholl 8th grade girls Orange will not be at practice tonight due to confirmation class. Thanks!

04-06-2016 2:04:49 PM CST
Ally Johnson will not be at practice tonight due to confirmation. (8th Grade Girls)

Jackie Martin
04-06-2016 12:58:37 PM CST
What time is 8th grade practice on Friday?

Pete Kremer   petertkremer@gmail.com
04-06-2016 12:06:42 PM CST
Myah Kremer will not be at practice(Kruize) tonight because of confirmation but will be at the optional practice tomorrow.

allan ross
04-06-2016 11:19:37 AM CST
Emily Ross won't make it to practice tonight she has church----if her golf meet on Thursday is cancleled she will be at the optional practice in Starbuck

Rayn Hedlund-Oberg    rayny_25@yahoo.com
04-06-2016 10:38:50 AM CST
I live about an hour out of Hancock. Could I pay over the phone with my credit card?

Shelly Peltier   shelly.peltier@bigstonetherapies.com
04-06-2016 9:00:06 AM CST
Brooklin Peltier will not be at the 17 Elite Orange practice in Hancock tonight - she has softball until 6 and with Hancock being over a two hour drive for us - she'd barely get there in time for practice to be over. :( See you on Saturday!

Jaden Thompson
04-06-2016 7:19:38 AM CST
Will not make practice has a track meet

Jaden Thompson
04-06-2016 7:17:06 AM CST
Will not make practice in Thursday has a track meet

Beth Carlson   bcarlson@kms.k12.mn.us
04-05-2016 7:49:14 PM CST
Regan Carlson, grade 9 Cresap, will not be able to make practice on Thursday

Barb Petron
04-05-2016 2:52:22 PM CST
Jordan Petron-7th Grade Boy will be late for practice tonight.

Andrea Liebl   andreaspray_24@hotmail.com
04-05-2016 9:08:28 AM CST
Gauge Liebl, 7th grade boys, won't be at practice tonight because of a baseball game that is scheduled.

04-05-2016 7:53:08 AM CST
Do 7th grade boys (Orange) have practice tonight?

04-04-2016 2:04:20 PM CST
Just wondering if 7th grade girls Klassen have any rooms blocked off for the April 9th tournament in St. Cloud?

Victoria Pagel
04-03-2016 3:54:26 PM CST
I will not be able to make it to practice today

Jenny Raguse   ragusejenny@gmail.com
04-03-2016 2:26:55 PM CST
Breezy is playing volleyball in Breckenridge today, she is going to try and make practice. Will have to see what time tournament gets done.

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