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Stephanie   stephrae25@hotmail.com
05-18-2016 8:19:45 AM CST
Where could we find out more information on the RFC League on Monday nights? 3/4/5 grades in particular that is mentioned on the sight. Thanks!

Beth Carlson   bcarlson@kms.k12.mn.us
05-17-2016 8:02:19 PM CST
Regan Carlson Grade 9 - Cresap - will not be make to make it to practice Wednesday due to conformation. He will also most likely not make it to either game on Saturday due to a high school baseball tournament. We will get there Sunday and possibly late Saturday afternoon. Sorry. He would love to be there!

Allan Ross   Aross@wat.midco.net
05-17-2016 12:49:30 PM CST
Alisha and Emily Ross won't make practice tomorrow ( Wednesday) it is there last dance class before the recital. Taylor Alisha and Emily won't make the pizza party either-- it's graduation in Ortonville. Thanks

Brad Randt
05-17-2016 9:35:09 AM CST
Annika Randt 7th grade blue forgot her basketball a spalding elite at practice on Sunday. Says Randt on it Thanks.

Stacie O   stacie.olson@wcenters.org
05-17-2016 9:04:20 AM CST
If you go to ECIbasketball.com click on ECI Spring Preview Schedule for brackets. (Sorry, this message board will not let me link websites.)

jessica aguilar   fideljes@prtel.com
05-16-2016 9:06:17 PM CST
Grade 7, not 714th :)

jessica aguilar   fideljes@prtel.com
05-16-2016 9:04:23 PM CST
Where can I find the ECI boys 714th grade schedule for next weekend?

Kelli kienitz
05-15-2016 8:45:42 PM CST
Brady forgot his basketball in the big gym! It says lightly on there

Jennifer Gjerde
05-15-2016 3:27:44 PM CST
Weston will not make practice today. 9th grade

Susan VanDyke
05-15-2016 1:54:06 PM CST
Nikolas VanDyke will not make it to practice today.

Holly Carrington
05-15-2016 1:04:15 PM CST
Meredith will not be able to make practice today as she is in the cities at basketball tournament.

Sydney Hovland
05-15-2016 11:13:30 AM CST
Sydney Hovland (10th grade girls) and Brooke Hovland (7th grade girls blue) will not be able to make it to practice today. Sorry!

John Kostad
05-15-2016 10:29:10 AM CST
Garret Kostad 5th grade boys will not be at practice today - his brother has senior day at church

Christine Meulebroeck
05-15-2016 9:59:20 AM CST
Maddy M 6th grade will not be able to make practice tonight.

Jessie Schoen
05-15-2016 9:57:36 AM CST
Bailey S, seventh-grade blue, will not be at practice today. Due to prior commitments .... Sorry

Holly Kovarik
05-14-2016 11:36:49 AM CST
Emma Kovarik 6th grade will not be at practice Sunday. She has a meeting that afternoon and will not be done in time.

Raymond Bowman   bowmanr@morris.umn.edu
05-13-2016 2:51:25 PM CST
Emma (7th Klassen) will not be at practice Sunday.

Lisa Merritt   Brianlisamerritt@yahoo.com
05-11-2016 5:50:02 PM CST
5th grade boys-rooms are at the Best Western phone number 763-566-7500

05-09-2016 9:34:47 PM CST
Orange Girls 17: Does anyone have hotel information for weekend of May 21-22? Thanks

Kimmy Pagel
05-08-2016 8:46:19 PM CST
Jenna (7th Grade Blue) I grabbed your water bottle from Prior Lake. I will bring to next practice.

Tracie Rinke   tracierinke@icloud.com
05-07-2016 9:57:14 AM CST
Lesley is missing her UA Basketball. It has LR#7 on it. Please let me know if you come across it. Thank You!

Michelle   mtonsfeldt@hotmail.com
05-06-2016 3:59:45 PM CST
If we gave our coach a report card at the last tournament, do we need to do it again? Thanks

Barb Petron   barb@electricalsolutionsinc.com
05-06-2016 10:47:09 AM CST
Jordan Petron (Dylan 7th Grade Boys)can not be there on Saturday, he has a school baseball tourney. He will be there Sunday if you could let us know they time my cell is 320-237-3871. Good Luck, see you Sunday.

Mary kostad
05-06-2016 8:57:40 AM CST
The black and gray shoe belongs to Garret. Is there anyone who is coming from the Morris area that would be willing to bring the shoe? Thanks! Mary

jessica aguilar
05-06-2016 8:24:07 AM CST
Any chance you found a basketball that has "Dominic aguilar" written on it very lightly??

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