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Pat Lesteberg
03-18-2016 11:04:06 AM CST
Morgan Lesteberg (8th Grade) will not be able to get to practice on Sunday until 1:15/1:30. We will get there as soon as we can.

Clint Bonn
03-18-2016 10:45:49 AM CST
Austin Bonn will be unable to make practice on Sunday.

Jenny   farm.johnson@gmail.com
03-18-2016 10:12:17 AM CST
So sorry, but Ally Johnson will not be able to make Sunday's practice for the 8th grade girls. She will be at a tournament in Brainerd. Thanks, Jenny

Kriss Gerhardt   Krissgerhardt@gmail.com
03-18-2016 9:07:09 AM CST
Summer Gerhardt (8th grade) will not be able to make practice on Sunday due to a previous arrangement. She could make the later practice, if that would work. Please give me a call at 3203043802.

Jenny Rocholl   jlrocholl@gmail.com
03-17-2016 8:13:59 PM CST
Kayla Rocholl 8th grade girls will not be at practice/tryouts this Sunday. We are currently in Hawaii and not flying back until late Sunday night and getting in Monday morning. So sorry!!!

Peggy Knutson    brensuelabs@gmail.com
03-17-2016 4:46:15 PM CST
Susan Knutson (7th) along with 4 Benson 8th graders will be at hoopology this weekend and won't be back in time for practice/tryout. She will be disappointed that she has to miss it. Please let us know if she needs to do anything else. Thank you.

Jenny   Farm.johnson@gmail.com
03-17-2016 11:49:47 AM CST
Is there a email that I can use to contact you about the practice this Sunday for the 8th grade girls? Thanks, Jenny

Rick   rgstulz@gmail.com
03-17-2016 10:42:27 AM CST
I may have a 5th grade boy who would be interested. What would be the process?

03-15-2016 6:36:38 PM CST
I have a 9th grade boy who is interested in playing--am I too late? have teams been set up?

03-15-2016 10:11:32 AM CST
Jodi, I sent a message to ur ridgewater acct regarding Sam and Peyton.

Haabala   Carly@haabalaconstruction.com
03-14-2016 3:55:56 AM CST
Jody, We regret to inform you that Allie Haabala (3rd gr) will NOT be playing this year. Hard to decision but the commute would be too hard to swing with our busy schedule. We look forward to seeing you this summer for camp though. Thank you

Wendy willprecht   xwilliex@detel.net
03-12-2016 7:11:31 PM CST
I was told that you may be looking for a couple of 5th grade boys for your team. I am wondering who to contact to possibly get enrolled or registered. We are from Southeastern North Dakota. Any help would be great. My phone number is 701 6784212.

Kim Hahn   chahn@mvtvwireless.com
03-08-2016 1:57:23 PM CST
I see that on April 9/10 boys and girls grades 6-11 are scheduled to play in the Comet Shoot Out. It also says they are scheduled to play at a MYAS tourney in the cities. Where will the 6th grade boys play? I'm trying to figure out schedules. Thanks.

Jenny Rocholl   jlrocholl@gmail.com
03-07-2016 9:40:20 AM CST
I am SOOOOOO SORRY. We are the culprit behind the missing North Face coat. It was sitting by my daughters water bottle and she has a black one identical to it. Again so sorry please email me as to how I can get it back to him ASAP! We live over my Fergus Falls maybe I can overnight it to him. Oh man poor kid! sorry

Tracy Viessman
03-06-2016 12:57:42 PM CST
Taylor Will be at tryouts today but will be late because of church.

Kristin Koenen    skkoenen@me.com
03-06-2016 8:31:49 AM CST
Avery Koenen (5th grade girls) has a class at church until noon on March 6th, but will come when it is done.

Lynn Reese   Rlreese@fedteldirect.net
03-04-2016 2:21:57 PM CST
Cole and Connor gr. 9 have confirmation class until 2pm on Sunday so they maybe a little late getting to tryouts. Will that be ok? (They could stay a little longer). Tyler gr. 11 will be there at 2.

Shelly Peltier
02-28-2016 1:18:17 PM CST
What time is the tryout on March 6?

Danna Golden   d_g780@yahoo.com
02-24-2016 11:07:30 AM CST
James Golden is interested in the Wildcats AAU this year. He has a conflict on the 24th of April he will be getting confirmed. This is our first year of this so any help would be great. Thank you!

Holly Carrington
02-23-2016 11:06:03 PM CST
Meredith (6th) & Maddie (8) are both interested in Wildcats!

Carter mulcahy   Jmulc20@hotmail.com
02-21-2016 4:47:25 PM CST
Correcting mail from previous post Jmulch20@hotmail.com James Mulcahy

Carter MULCAHY 8th grade   Jmulch@hotmail.com
02-21-2016 3:54:07 PM CST
Carter Mulcahy played last year for Coach Gieske on the 7th grade team. His Perham spring basketball team play 8 weekends between March and June as well. Last year there were two conflicting weekends. This year it looks like only 1 weekend conflicts and we could make it work to possibly play both, but if not Perham team takes priority. March 6 his Perham team plays in a St Cloud tourney so not sure about tryouts. Please advise, as I also sent you an email before I looked on site. James Mulcahy

Becky Morrow
02-17-2016 6:06:23 PM CST
Jenna and I will be going to the game

Victoria Pagel
02-16-2016 10:53:07 PM CST
We will be at Wildcat night tomorrow. There will be 4

Gina Gapinski   1b
02-16-2016 1:41:24 PM CST
Emily Gapinski will be at wildcats night at Ridgewater

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