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Kyle Petermeier
04-17-2016 12:05:08 PM CST
Max will not be at practice today for 8th grade boys. He had an opportunity to play in a pacesetter tourney this weekend and he won't be back in time to make practice. Thank you!

Kristi Fehr
04-17-2016 11:30:38 AM CST
Cade has a church activity today so he will be late for practice.

04-17-2016 10:25:53 AM CST
Larissa Lamb's AAU membership number is 44Y549A6

Mike Berreau   mkberreau@live.com
04-16-2016 6:25:36 PM CST
Kaitlyn Berreau AAU Membership Number 44Y8WTA6

Lisa   brianlisamerritt@yahoo.com
04-16-2016 10:14:04 AM CST
5th grade boys parents...rooms are blocked at Country Inn & Suites Shoreview (about 4 miles from tourney). Phone number is 651-784-6000. Under West Central Wildcats.

Rebekah    schmidt74@frontiernet.net
04-16-2016 9:45:31 AM CST
Emma Schmidt will not be at practice Sunday night - she has a basketball banquet. Thanks!

Chad Bartunek   bjc20fan72@yahoo.com
04-16-2016 8:15:44 AM CST
Avery Bartunek's AAU membership number AR0AD374A1D6. Sydney Bartunek will not be able to attend the Fury Tournament as she has prom that weekend.

Kim Hahn   chahn@mvtvwireless.com
04-15-2016 9:55:34 PM CST
6th Grade Boys playing at Park Center HS: I just reserved a room at the Best Western Plus Minneapolis NW in Brooklyn Center for April 23. It's nothing fancy but has a breakfast. The rate I got was $112. I couldn't get a block of rooms. Call soon or book online to get a room. If anyone finds something better, let me know so the boys can all stay together.

John fraser
04-15-2016 2:30:21 PM CST
Samuel fraser(8th grade) will not be at practice on sunday due to a prior commitment

Chris Andrews
04-15-2016 8:07:18 AM CST
Torie Andrews 6th grade girls (Kallie/Anthony) will not be able to attend practice on Sunday. She has a dance recital that afternoon. She will do the Wildcat Workout and hopefully there will be a practice during the week she can go to.

Robi Bowman
04-14-2016 4:53:47 PM CST
Emma Bowman will not be at practice tonight has softball and volleyball. Will be there Sunday.

Suzanne Vold   dorrich@wisper-wireless.com
04-14-2016 12:44:43 PM CST
Anna Vold would like to have the #41 women's medium jersey. Can you double check to make sure no one else on her team has that number? Only a few are posted on the roster list. Thank you!

Michelle   mtonsfeldt@hotmail.com
04-14-2016 12:31:46 PM CST
Do the 7th grade boys play in Chanhassen next weekend ,too, or just the girls? Thanks!

Jenny Johnson
04-14-2016 10:53:27 AM CST
Ally Johnson 8th grade girls will not be at practice tonight, she has a track meet. Thanks!

Jenny Rocholl   jlrocholl@gmail.com
04-14-2016 10:33:20 AM CST
Kayla Rocholl will not be able to make it to Starbuck tonight as she has a track meet and Sunday she will be gone to a JO volleyball tournament. See you next week! Thanks!

Mike   mkberreau@live.com
04-14-2016 10:20:56 AM CST
Oakridge Hotel is now live. See below. Food policy: You can bring food/coolers into hotel. They just don't want someone bring 12 pizza's in to eat. Visit them on line to see what they look like. Nice place

Betsy Walsh   elizabeth.walsh@compass-usa.com

Hello, The discount at Oak Ridge is now available for the group to use. Please call 877-874-6772, and advise the desk you are with the Wildcats Group. Code is "Wildcats" The rate is $109 per night on Fri and Sat with Grab and Go Breakfast included.

Pat Lesteberg   artdog@tds.net
04-14-2016 8:05:07 AM CST
Morgan (8th grade girl) will not be at practice tonight - she has a softball game.

Mike   mkberreau@live.com
04-14-2016 7:21:50 AM CST
Still working on rooms for next weekend. Oakridge Hotel (nice place) has a no food policy (can't bring into hotel) hope to work out details today. Has anyone else book any rooms for next weekend? If so, where are you staying?

Corissa Jones
04-14-2016 6:42:19 AM CST
Mackenzie Jones 7th grade won't be able to make practice on Thursday. Thanks

Paul Ratz   pratz09@charter.net
04-13-2016 8:29:27 PM CST
Tori Ratz will not make it to Starbuck on Thursday night as she has practice with her Fergus Falls team in preparation for a Pacesetter Tournament on Saturday!

Peggy Knutson
04-13-2016 7:49:37 PM CST
Susan Knutson (7th) won't be able to make it Thursday, she has a track meet and dance rehearsal for recital on Saturday and Sunday. We will try to get her to a different practice if the times don't work out for her team's practice time. We will let Kristi know. Thank you!

Morgan Lesteberg   p.lesteberg@impactinnovationsinc.com
04-13-2016 7:12:35 PM CST
We need to register for AAU membership - correct? What is the Wildcats club code?

Morgan Lesteberg   p.lesteberg@impactinnovationinc.com
04-13-2016 6:59:08 PM CST
Jodi - Morgan will purchase a pair of the women's medium shorts if you still have them. Please advise.

Mike Berreau   mkberreau@live.com
04-13-2016 11:41:30 AM CST
I am working with Betsy Walsh at Oakridge Hotel and Convention Center. She has blocked off 15 double rooms for next Friday and Saturday and will give us a special rate of $109 per night. This includes a box breakfast (yogert,bagle,fruit and juice box). I will finalize paper work sometime today. Need to book by this Friday or the rooms will be put back for sale. Questions, give me a call. Phone to Hotel 877-874-6772

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